LV Wallet Choice Help Please!!- Ludlow vs Business card holder??

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  1. Hi ladies! I've been using a LV cles (the bigger one with the nameplate) for the past 3 years as my every-day go with me everywhere holds my "essentials" aka: driver's license, credit cards, loyalty cards, gift cards, extra cash, etc. I carry this with me EVERYWHERE, and I do mean everywhere. But after 3 years of abuse its gotten in bad bad shape. So I'm looking to replace it....

    The options I've come up with are:

    The vernis or MC business card holder
    A vernis ludlow wallet (now discountinued, so I would be buying preloved)

    Any thoughts?? I'm looking for something that is relatively the same shape as my cles, not too bulky, and will fit at least 8-15 cards, maybe a spare bit of cash (no coins). It needs to fit into my coat pocket, my hand, or possibly my jeans pockets easily. Just something I could easily grab and go when I run into a store, and that is also easy to close (yet still secure!).

    TIA!! Its a long shot but any advice would be appreciated!
  2. Well, we are in similar boats.

    I own the Amarante business card holder and I love it! I have 13 cards in the back compartment and could fit 1-2 cards in the front pocket and have it full but not busting at the seams. I highly recommend this unit.

    My Vernis key pouch in Pomme is coming tomorrow and I really hope I love her.

    I can't comment on the Ludlow other than they are hit and miss for good shape and expensive on the secondary market or cheap and trashed. Good luck!
  3. I highly do not recommend the business card holder. I have one in vernis and really regret buying it. It's super stiff and not user friendly since the flap doesn't fold back very far. I've had the Ludlow and think it'll serve your needs very well.

    So, I think Ludlow or maybe the pocket organizer? Good luck, let us know what you decide.
  4. Bump... anyone else can chime in?? I so far have 1 vote for the business card holder, and 1 vote for the ludlow. Hoping to buy within the week because for some reason I'm obsessed with getting something new(ish) to replace it....
  5. the mc card holder is nice :smile:
  6. I have the discontinued koala card holder and it fits a decent number of cards. I have the vernis cles though and tend to use that a little more but I still love the card holder.
  7. I was looking at the vernis business card holder should not be stiffer than the vernis clés.
    But it will certainly hold less !

    Why not buy a cles again ?
  8. Ended up getting a cles again! Thanks for all the DID help me narrow down choices and eliminate others.

    Also, I'm def thinking of getting a business card holder now for all of my overflow cards!! They look too cute to resist!
  9. Waiting to receive my mc business card holder in noir tomorrow. Super excited as they're becoming harder to find in new condition and sold out on website.....
  10. I got an MC business card holder in noir 2 weeks ago and I LOVE it! It's so cute and cheerful and has 3 functional pockets.
  11. I have a Ludlow and love it. I keep my drivers license and 1 credit card in the slot inside a 6 Key holder, and keep everything else in my a ludlow. It is sleek and compact and I use it as my everyday wallet. I store cards and cash in it. I don't use it for coins but there is a gusseted spot for them that is actually where I store my cash). I bought mine pre-owned about 4 months ago. It had a few pen marks on the inside and a tiny bit of damage on one side of the gusset, but still in pretty good shape, and a steal for $100 (rouge granadine vernis). Fits perfectly in my Eva and Favorite PM, easy to throw in diaper bag, and small enough to carry handheld or in pocket. Only possible negative is you might stretch the card slots if you stuff it. Never counted to see how many cards would fit or checked to see if cards would fit in the gusseted part.