LV wallet and cles.

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Which combo?

  1. Mono wallet and damier cles

  2. Damier wallet and mono cles

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have been thinking and thinking and thinking (for so long!)... :P Been wanting to get a wallet and cles. Thought of getting some LE ones but then again, my top priority is having a durable wallet and cles that I can use for years and years! :shame: So, I guess I'll have to stick with the regular mono and damier..? :shrugs: Or are there any better alternatives that I can have the best of both worlds? :sweatdrop: Lol.., greedy me! :P

    Anyway, if I were to stick to mono and damier, should I get mono wallet and damier cles or mono cles and damier wallet? :Push: Oh, by the way, I'm thinking of getting either a PTI or long zippy wallet/organiser and regular cles, not the round one.
  2. mono wallet & damier cles. but it depends on your majority of bags. If most of your bags are or will be mono then the mono wallet will be great!
    The groom might be a good idea for a LE wallet....adds some color!
  3. what about a red epi wallet and a damier cles? i love the solid colors and the damier cles is fantastic!
  4. Yea Twiggers, I've thought of groom too but I don't want to worry about the paint rubbing off. :P
  5. Yea, epi is nice too but I'm not too much of a red person. :P Wish they launch more colors for epi! I love lighter colors on epi, like vanilla and lilac, but then again, colors like these are hard to take care. :shame:
  6. I think it would depend on what most of your bags are :smile:
  7. I think either way it's ok.
  8. me too