LV wallet advice

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  1. I have a LV monogram petit bucket, which I bought used and really like, and I want to get a wallet to go with it.

    My question is, would a white MC wallet coordinate well with this bag? I really like their look, hardware, and the vachetta leather.

    Also I can't decide between the $620 Koala and the $550 longer wallet.


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  2. Ok...I have such a mixture of LV in my bag that it's crazy...You'll see me with a damier bag and an mc wallet...or mono bag and an epi piece...personally, i don't care, i mix it all the time. but if you are 'picky' about coordination, then you might want to think twice, ya know.

    As far as wallets go, i'd get the Koala...It hold the most cards (9) and as an ID window. I'm dying for a Damier Koala. But...again, it's about your you like large/bulky wallets, or do you want something small and cute?

  3. oh they would definitely coordinate!! It would be easier to find in your bag too :P I swear, sometimes it takes minutes for me to find my wallet in my speedy.. I think I need to get the epi mandarin or something! LOL

    Hmm, I like both of these, but I am also a big fan of the MC porte tresor.. Though I do love the Koala snap.. but sorry Blackbutterfly, I like the long wallet better :P :biggrin: Hmm.. I would probably go for the pochette porte monnaie (the long one), it's so special, I love it! :love:
  4. They'd look great together, my personal fave wallet is the porte monnaie billets viennois, it's so adorable and it's got space for everything !
  5. My reasoning for the Koala is that I already have three long wallets... (2 Coach and one Kate Spade) and only one small wallet (Marc Jacobs!) which is actually similar in shape to the Koala.

    The price is a little scary to me though (costs more than any of my bags, eek), but I think it will be worth it to me in terms of how long it will last and how much it will hold its value. Plus hey, I get my annual bonus next month! woo!

    My friend and I are going to the Stanford Shopping Center tomorrow, I think I will be visiting the LV store there for sure.
  6. Take your time and look around for a while before you make up your mind.. They are indeed expensive, but oh so pretty :love:

    Good luck and let us know what you get!
  7. Ok I am definitely checking out that viennois tomorrow! That might work too, and seems very unique.

    I don't carry a checkbook, so that's not a feature I'm considering.

    Thanks ladies!
  8. I have the porte monnaie billets viennois in black, so if you want to see some pictures of it, let me know...
  9. I'd love to, since of course the eluxury site is a bit unhelpful in that regard. The coin pocket looks like it would be cool.
  10. Here are pictures of my wallet...
    (by the way, i tagged my pics 'itskels' because that's my other username online)







    **Hope this helps!!**
  11. Oooh that's gorgeous, I really want one !!
  12. Ooohhh.. I like the black MC wallet over the white MC. :love:
  13. The black one look so good! I might get one oneday. I think the white MC is cute too but personally I think the black will match better.
  14. I have the Porte-Monnaie Billets Viennois in white MC and I really like it. Between the two wallet that you have selected I would go with the white MC koala becasue it will fit into more bags. I would go with the white becasue it will look better with the traditional monogram canvas. Please let me know if you would like pictures of my wallet (I also have a number of MC small goods)
  15. Does the Koala have a compartment for change?