LV Wait list-policy or weirdness?

  1. I went to my local store today to put my name on the wait list for the Tivoli GM. The SA (who was a little snotty and unfriendly) told me that I would have to give them my credit card number to reserve the bag and that once it came in, it would automatically be charged and then I could pick it up. I guess this is their policy, but I find it strange as I definitely don't want to pay for a bag site unseen without examining it(and if their wait list is as long as they say it is, they definitely shouldn't have a problem finding another eager buyer even if I don't purchase it). I also told that SA that I would prefer to pay cash when the bag comes in. She looked at me like I was crazy and told me that it probably wouldn't be possible or that they would have to do a charge refund first and that it got messy doing it this way.
    Just out of curiosity, I called the 866 number at LV and the woman who answered the phone didn't seem to really know about paying cash and told me that it probably was not possible to do so on a wait-list item. Again, I find this bizarre as I would think that stores would prefer cash (and don't they get charged a small fee for charged items?). Maybe it's just me but I didn't really appreciate being told how I could pay for an item (and I definitely didn't want the above SA to get any commission from me).
  2. ^I think it really depends on the item- my SA has told me that I'd have to put my cc down for some purchases but for the majority of waitlists no info was neccessary.
  3. My SA just got me to pay when stuff arrived?
  4. for permanent item personally i feel there's no rush to waitlist and so i will not give cc to SA
  5. I believe it depends on the value of the item.
    My mom was wait-listed for a Noé, and even though we live 5 hours away from our LV-store, my mom didn't have to do anything but wait for a call. My mom was also told by the SA that if she - when the Noé came in - didn't wanted the bag anyway, it was no problem.
  6. I waitlisted for the Mirage Speedy. They did take my CC# but when they called me I told them not to charge it that I would pay cash. There didn't seem to be a problem. When I showed up I just paid with cash and no CC was ever used. Maybe different stores have different policies.
  7. ~My SA did not ask for my CC when I asked her to put my name on the wait list for the Tivoli GM. If you live close to the store then I would try to come another day and find another SA to deal with. I would def. avoid the one that was unfriendly toward you.~
  8. I waitlisted for my dentelle speedy and just gave my name and number at the boutique, then they called me when it arrived. Now, I called again last week for the miroir heart, the SA wa clueless she asked me like 3 times what it was and then said she didn't even knew they were coming. She asked me again just my name and phone # and hang out, but it was so fast she didn't even repeated my info for verification. I don't dare calling back to make sure she did listed me for it.
  9. That's very strange. I think you're just unlucky and got a snotty SA. You're not obligated to buy something you're on the list for. It just means that they put one away for you. And sometimes they're afraid that you end up not buying it, I guess that's why the SA forced you to give her your CC number. When I waitlisted for my Trevi PM they just checked me up on their database and put me on the list. When they got the bag, they called and I came a couple of days later to pay and pick it up.
  10. in my experience i've WL without having to give info. the only time i got charged was because they couldn't hold the bag til i was able to get to the boutique (for the motard pochette). they had my card on file so they were able to charge and hold til i got in.

    i think it depends on the store because what you're describing isn't rare.
  11. From my experience, they have only asked for my CC to waitlist for seasonal or limited edition items. My CC, however, was not charged until I picked it up. Also I have noticed that they ask for CC for people who do not have an established record with them, i.e. customers who only have made a few purchases. (My friend was asked for her CC for an Azur Speedy, so she had me waitlist for it instead; they did not ask me for mine.)
  12. they didn't have me give them my credit card # when i waitlist for the iphone case & i only have one purchase in the system because they lost my name in the system & no longer have any records of my previous purchases.
  13. I put my name on the waitlist for the Azur Neverfull MM today, and the SA never asked for my credit card.
  14. That's strange - but i guess different countries have different policies? In my country, since I know the LV Country Brand Manager, she said that waitlisting does not come with the obligation to buy, and that's when I was gonna sign up for the Neverfull waitlist. And when it did come, i did buy it, but i know that they just call you up and you can opt to come in and take a look at it and then decide, and if you don't buy it, it goes to the next person on the list and so on. No nothing about Cc numbers or automatic charges. :smile:
  15. If I'm waitlisting at a store where I've never shopped before or the SAs don't know me, they will take down my CC information.