LV waist bags / fanny packs?

  1. What kinds of waist bags, or fanny packs (hehehe), does LV make? My boyfriend wants one, and at first I discouraged this type of style, but apparently "all the guys wear it" in HK.

    If you know of any in monogram, please help!! I can't find any. I've only found one in damier, and he dislikes damier.

    Or is it possible to special order the damier fanny pack in monogram print instead? I don't know much about special orders.
  2. There is one or more in monogram...hmm yes all asian guys wear them but honestly I think it makes them look gay.

    many of them are unisex bags.
  3. I´ve seen the Damier one and it´s gorgeous imo.
  4. Does anyone have pictures??
  5. Ohh the Sioux is soo cute! I'll run that by him :biggrin:
  6. He likes something that's obviously LV though for some reason.
  7. The female SA's at the store yesterday were both wearing mono ones. The males were not, but I think it could be unisex.
  8. :nuts: Oh, so they do exist! I can't seem to find monogram ones anywhere suitable for men! I think the Geronimos would be perfect in monogram.

    I did stumble upon the damier geant Archer, which I really really like and plan to persuade my boyfriend into liking if we can't find monogram!
  9. I should have paid better attention, I glanced at it briefly as I was overwhelmed with all of the beautiful things. ;) I am looking at the catalog now, I think it was either a Pochellte Florentine (M51855) with optional belt, somewhat feminine. Or it was the Pochette Gange (M51870) more masculine, but I am not sure from the drawing if that goes around the waist.

    ETA: I think it was this eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Louis Vuitton,louisvuitton, bodybag, Monogram Ganges
    the Pochette Gange. HTHs
  10. the sa at the lv store in copley, boston, was wearing one (mc) today! her name is lee and she was very helpful, so i'm sure she'd help you out, too. (617) 437-6519
  11. I am unsure what you might think of those two fanny style's that will launch in the Mono Unisex and Damier Unisex...

    Its like similar in concept to the Archer, like you can wear like a Fanny or you can wear it across!

    I say check it out or call your nearest store and inquire... The launch days were pushed back... but yeah if I have some time today maybe I can snag a pic of both of them.