LV vs. YSL Card holder

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Which card holder as an everyday wallet?

  1. LV simple card holder

    9 vote(s)
  2. YSL card holder

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  1. Hi all,
    I’m looking to purchase a card holder to use as my everday wallet and need your opinions. As of now my debate is between LV card holder and YSL card holder. Which is better? Or are there other ones to consider? TIA
  2. YSL - they are super cute
  3. YSL is garbage.
  4. LOL why? because of their quality?
  5. hey, i have a black YSL card holder, its perfect for every day and very hard wearing.
    i would go for the YSL all day! x
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    Depends on the color. I bought a yellow YSL cardholder a couple of weeks ago. I love it, but on the side there’s light blue marks like jeans may have transferred color on it. Easier to see in person than the photo. However, it’s only been in my purse and not near any jeans. Not sure how it got like that. But I do love it and doesn’t bother me too much.

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  7. OP, lots of choices with both LV and YSL. I have an epi RB LV cardholder, which I like and that is faring well. I don’t have a YSL cardholder but I’ve considered it a few times. I worry that its metal logo could potentially scratch the inner (leather) lining of some of my bags. So in this instance I’d pick LV.

    @fabuleux what experience of YSL makes you say that? I think it’s much too sweeping a statement!

    All brands can have occasional quality issues. Caveat emptor - pick your own piece carefully.

    I recently made a direct choice between the LV PM in empreinte and a YSL envelope bag. I was much more keen on the PM aesthetically, but I couldn’t find any piece where the glazing was of even width and smooth across the whole bag, and I picked the YSL envelope instead, that was around £200-300 more. It’s rapidly becoming one of my favourite bags.

    Another time, I bought a pink YSL SDJ on the UK website. It had some tiny marks from glue residue. There were no new pieces left in England and CS were so helpful- helping me locate several new pieces in Paris (where I was going, anyways) and arranging with Galeries Lafayette to let me do a straight swap in a concession, in a different country!!

    Does YSL have quality issues? Yes, occasionally. Does LV? Yes, occasionally. If the brand stands behind its name, that’s good enough for me :flowers:
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  8. I'd choose LV. I used mine everyday for over a year, in and out of pockets, left in a hot humid vehicle, left in a cold vehicle and the glazing still looks great. I'm now in the process of selling it as I haven't used it since I purchased the Taigarama card holder.
  9. LOL this just made me laugh. Short, blunt and to the point lol
  10. It’s a pretty simple product. I would just get the one that you like best. I have a mon mono from LV that I like a lot.
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  11. I’ve had my red YSL card holder for over two years. Used it a ton and it still looks brand new. I would definitely buy it again.

    I agree with the above poster. Both items are fairly simple, so it really boils down to whichever is more aesthetically appealing to you.
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  12. My 11 year old Besace & I would like to kindly disagree with you ;)
  13. Me too! :lol::lol:
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  14. My YSL cardholder now has has the problem of the leather getting loose in the card slots. I wouldn’t buy one again with this quality.

    My LV mon mono cardholder is over 1.5 years old and only has some slight wear on the glazing.
  15. For this item, I prefer the YSL. I like the way the leather feels, and it's more pliable compared to the LV canvas, which is what I assume you are talking about. Even if you meant epi leather card holder, they are still more stiff than I prefer for a card holder. All my wallets are LV Empreinte or Chanel leather (no canvas wallets), so take that with a grain of salt. It's a tactile thing with me.
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