LV vs Hermes

  1. Some people say that Hermes is more luxurious than LV.. What do you think about it?

    :confused1: :confused1:
  2. although i love LV but i do think hermes is more the price can tell you that
  3. Yea, :yes: Hermes is indeed more luxurious than LV. But I'm glad I'm still more into LV. Hermes doesn't really appeal to me much... yet! :P The price is so out of my league! I'm be darn miserable if I'm wanting anything from Hermes so badly.
  4. they're not even in the same league. Hermes is viewed as top of the line. LV is more accessible, less expensive, so it's not quite as "prized" as hermes.

    However, being only 22... i think i'll be into hermes maybe in my 40s ;)? after my tastes and budget change! for now, LV/balenciaga are what i'm into, and hopefully soon, i can get a nice classic chanel!

    btw there have been some threads on handbag hierarchy you can search, here's one:
  5. Hermes is ranked way above LV, hands down. I don't think I'll ever own an Hermes, but I think they're really pretty. I still love my LV, though!
  6. I think it's a matter of choice really. I have some Hermes, and like it....but overall like LV more.

    So while I agree Hermes is perchieved as more luxurious, to me it isn't.....just more hyped.
  7. I'm sure Hermes is more luxurious to the masses, but not to me. My Mom has a vintage one, that she gave me, but I gave it back. It's pretty but not MY style. I feel that LV really suits my "pursonality" more!!

  8. I am a serious Hermes addict!...really serious one:P The amount of money I spent at Hermes this year, I could buy a house with full payment:yucky: ! I have been buying RTW(clothings like mink, jackets, skirts, tops...etc), bags, shoes, shawls, scarves, ties...etc.everything!!! NUTS!:Push: But recently, I start looking around LV again. I mean I am still(even more than ever) crazy about Hermes. But LV is still one of the prettiest bags to use especially for my age:love: . Once in a while, I use LV bags. It feels really good whenever I use them!:flowers:
  9. As a new Hermes convert :nuts: , I can definitely say that Hermes is, in fact, more luxurious. The workmanship is out of this world!:love: I still LOVE LV (it was my first love after all) but only want to own LV pieces that are more high end (Vienna, Suhali, Waltz series, etc.) because everything else fades in comparison. JMHO.:shame: :upsidedown:
  10. Hermes are gorgeous bags and I would love to own just on. Im not sure I would feel comfortable carrying it as much as I do my LV's although I'd love to see one IRL to truely understand its price point:wtf::flowers:
  11. I think the workmanship and materials make it more luxurious compared to LV. That said...I would love to own one sometime in the distant future (with the price tag on those...I'd have to come home with the bag AND with an ambulance for hubby LOL)!
  12. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: "I'd have to come home with the bag AND with an ambulance for hubby" that's cool...
  13. It's kind of hard to compare these two, just look at the price points. It's perhaps like comparing Maybachs to BMWs, both great cars, but obviously one is far more luxurious and the customer pays for that !
  14. It will be a long time before I can ever afford a Hermes Birkin. I'm only 24 and my goal is to own a house before I can own one of those! So...not anytime soon. I might get a scarf from them for one of my bags in the near future. Hermes is def higher than LV
  15. (with the price tag on those...I'd have to come home with the bag AND with an ambulance for hubby LOL)!

    haha ....good catch!!!

    I thought I will never like the hermes even though the craftmanship is superior but lately I like the Bolide bag ((I think it's classic and simple and practical))) I went to the store and tried it myself, I just couldn't breath when I saw myself in the mirror with the bag but unfortunately with those price tag I need to save up first and when I told my husband that I will save for the bag for such price he said I can almost buy the car ((and I agreed with him)) but I couldn't stop thinking about that bag (((poor me)))