LV vs Hermes, Chanel, Dior?

  1. Hi im just wonder:
    Which one is superior in craftmanship, durability, vatiety of designs,customer service and status?

    LV vs Hermes = ?
    LV vs Chanel = ?
    LV vs Dior = ?

    I would like all of your opinions! thank you !!!:biggrin:
  2. Hermes is considered the top of it all... then comes Chanel. Personally I would say LV is better than Dior
  3. I don't own chanel and no Dior leather goods, so I can't give you a fair judgement. For the cost I think LV is better than Hermes at certain things, but on other things it's the other way around. Hermes scarves are better than LVs IMO, both design and quality. Also hermes has a handmade quality to many of their items which makes it a somewhat different experience.

    I think LV sunglasses are better made than Chanel and Dior (both which are made in the same manner by the same company), and here they actually cost the same all three brands, so the cost isen't an issues either.

    Honestly I don't see the point of answering without having test drivn all the brands. Stating that a brand "is considered superior" makes little sense. IMO the difference isen't THAT big and definetly not reflected by the price you pay. I have good experiences with the dior items I have, they are very well made.
  4. Liverte thanks for ur advice:biggrin::biggrin: of course its not reflected by the price you pay but what i am saying is which one is best as a whole in the above catagories.
  5. i only have one hermes and it's a herbag, it's canvas and not leather, but i say the quality is great! i love the thick leather strap and the closing flap.

    i have few chanels and all are leathers, i must say the quality tops my LV bags

    i don't have any diors so i can't say anything
  6. Hermes handsdown for everything except Variety of Design. I think an Hermes will last forever, and I'm testing this theory of mine!!! LOL!!!
    Than, LV will come second IMHO. All stores worldwide operate the same and will essentially carry the same thing. And I have the best SA.
    Chanel has nice handbags, but their 'buyer' system means access to certain items are nearly impossible (at least in my experience).
    Dior I've kinda drifted off from. Although they come out w/lovely handbags too every now and than!
  7. Then I would say the best is what goes best with your personality, the brand that overall suits your style the most. Hermès to me represents the old world, something captured in a time capsule still made like it was before, mostly looking the same as it did, practicality combined with a quiet joy of living. Chanel as well as Dior are traditionally fashion houses. Coco Chanel revolutionised female fashion and made a new chic that the image of the house still represents today. Dior is much more edgy and adapted and made the contemporary trends much more. Thus, you'll still see a demand for items made by coco herself, not so much for items made by christian dior back in the day. For me Louis Vuitton falls in between these two categories old world vs fashion, it's first and foremost a trunk maker, making bags and other useful carrying devices (in contrast to hermes which is more of a life style maker that has everything from china and chairs to clothes). However, it's also latetly become one of the biggest forces in fashion by the power of MJ. The brand still has far to go before its established like chanel and Dior though in terms of fashion (including clothes, shoes, perfume, make up, the full package). Of course, there's much more to this.

    I like LV because it's a little whimsical and "cute", but still somewhat classic and neutral (even though the monogram was very "trendy" during its time (the japanese inspired arts were huge during the belle epoque, it even inspired jugend/art noveau), it allows for some decoration without seeming silly or too young. With hermes I like the same elements, like the decorations on their silk. I'm not that into dior because Hedi Slimane didn't go well with my wardrobe. Chanel I only wear their allure homme and there's not that much else to choose from.
  8. they each have their own issues
  9. I agree!!! :smile:
  10. LV duh

    Dior and Chanel started as a Coture house

    Hermes started by making Horse saddles:hs:

    LV started by making Steamer Trunks for Royalty

    so do the math...
  11. I agree with this!

    Although I have never considered buying an Hermes, I think it's the top brand out of all of those...Hermes, Chanel, and LV are my top brands. Everything is ranked lower in my rankings. I've never really considered Fendi, Coach, Burberry, Gucci as superior brands. JMHO (and preference)
  12. Math?
  13. IMO Hermes are at the top, although at this time in my life I prefer LV. Hermes bags are very very well made and made from the highest quality leathers. I cant believe I pay so much for LV Coated canvas that isnt even leather, but I pay because I love the history of the company and I love the style of the bag and how well its made.
  14. I agree too, I think Dior started to make bags way after the others
  15. It means Figure it out.