LV vs Goyard

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  1. LV vs Goyard. What are the main differences between these companies regarding quality, craftmanship, canvas etc?
  2. They both have many canvas items. Ppl always talk about the st louis versus the neverfull. It seems like ppl complain about goyards quality a lot when compared with lvs quality. Ive toyed with the idea of getting a st louis for years, but havent pulled the trigger bc ppl say the quality is poor and that the brand doesnt stand by their products after it leaves their store
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  3. Thanks for the info- I've been going back and forth lately about a St. Louis- I guess this answers my question! They are beautiful bags though!
  4. But Goyard is much more expensive?
  5. Never wrong to go with LV. :biggrin:
  6. AGREED! i love the goyardine canvas!
  7. @centercitychic agreed! i love the goyardine waaaay more than the lv canvas! those colors :love:

    @Dorf personally, i fine goyard to be ridiculously expensive for what you get.
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  8. My Goyard got holes in the corners - you could see daylight. I would never buy a Goyard again.
  9. I don't think their is nothing different about the quality of the brands. I think they both make lovely hard side luggage though. Though I always thought St. Louis doesn't have the same quality like the NF. It looks very flimsy. For the price-buy LV or Faure Le Page Daily Battle Tote
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    Goyard's quality is equivalent to Louis Vuitton. The main difference is that Goyard used to be very exclusive. I can even add that most people outside of Paris had no clue what Goyard was ten years ago. Today, they have expanded so much that the exclusivity has been watered down. They are everywhere! :sad:

    I owned a Goyard wallet and it was as resistant as a Vuitton wallet. Not much difference. But it did fall apart after a few years with threads coming lose and glazing peeling off. At the time it made me very angry, but looking back I would say it was pretty normal though.

    Good luck with your purchases. You seem like someone who really enjoys exploring various luxury brands.
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  11. I saw quite a few Goyard St. Louis in New York. They were very slouchy looking and not in a good way. I didn't care for them.
  12. I have a St Louis and Grenedine Hobo. In terms of pure canvas to canvas, I'd give the edge to LV. however, canvas bags with significant leather goes hands down to Goyard. The leather is of the quality reserved by LV for higher lines than canvas.
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    Personally, I feel like LV is a much better quality than Goyard. Especially their canvas. Goyard's canvas is thinner and floppier (almost paper-like) :sad: in my experience. But I do love their pattern. If the quality was better, I would pick up a St. Louis in a heartbeat!
  14. Goyard's quality is okay... The white contrast stitching that is present on most of their models gets dirty easily and really shows wear, especially on darker colors. The canvas is pretty thin, especially on bags such as the Saint Louis, which is REALLY prone to getting holes. LV's canvas is a lot more durable, and to be honest I think LV is the better value.

    I hope this helps!
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  15. Ok, thanks.
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