LV vs Furla? What to do?

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  1. Looking for opinions!

    I have been lusting after LV Black Epi Alma for a while now (duh... it's even in my signature!)

    However, it is just a bit too expensive for my current financial situation :crybaby:It retails for about $1,200

    I have stumbled upon a Furla bag on Bluefly. It is kind of shaped the same way as Alma, only THAT much more reasonable ($234)! And I like the quality of Furla bags.

    Anyway... should I hold out for my Alma? I don't know how long it's going to take me to save up enough and I kind of want a new bag :confused1:


    Here is a pic of the Furla bag in question

  2. I say hold out for what you really want. If you get the Furla bag, will you still want the LV? That's the question to ask yourself.....
  3. I actually like the Furla better. I think the LV Epi is ok (from a NON LV girl) but only really looks good in the brighter colors like the Currant.
  4. Hm-m, that's the part I am unsure about! I'm tempted to say no but I already have a black Epi wallet you see...
  5. Yeah, the question is always will it serve the want such that you can move on to something other than the similar LV.

    Or, by the time you save up for the LV will you still want it?

    Personally, I have never been disapponted with a Furla but I have never used one as a substitute for something else! Tough decision.
  6. I would hold out for the Alma. It's a classic and you can't go wrong. The Furla is not bad, but it feels like you're settling instead of getting something you love.
  7. ITA...Why don't you just hold out and save for the bag you really want.It's always worth it IMO...
  8. I agree, I think you should wait until you can afford the LV. I think he LV is more classic and I think if you get the Furla then you will still want the LV and then regret your decision.
  9. I agree with the other posters. If u are only getting the Furla (gorgeous bag, by the way) as a substitute for what u really want, u may not be satisfied when u wear it. It may sting a little when u are wearing your Furla and u see an Alma
  10. I love both Furla and LV, but I would save up for the Alma.
  11. It depends on how constant you are with your affections [​IMG]. If you are the kind of girl who is obsessed by one single thing for a very long time, then wait to have enough money for the LV, but if you are more like me - I am intensely obsessed, but only for a short period of time - then it is an easy choice.

    There are so many beautiful bags out there that I find it really difficult to lust about a single one I won't be able to buy for a very long time... and I don't think it means settling for something not as good, because there are plenty of excellent quality bags. It is just like being able to love more bags at the same time, and I guess it is OK when it comes to bags....[​IMG]
  12. Ok then, ladies... thanks for all the responses.

    I am saving up for the Alma :yes:
  13. always liked the alma but i love this furla!