LV vs Chloe, Bottega, Marc Jacobs

  1. Hey All,
    Just wondering if others feel like I do.
    I have an amazing handbag collection. I have the "must haves" of Chloe, Bottega Veneta and MJ. As you may know, these bags retail from about 900 to 1800, average. I can't tell you how much it ticks me off to see them go on sale at the end of the season after I payed FULL price.
    I also have many LV bags. I love the fact that the LV bags I bought 15 years ago are still in great condition and would cost even more today. I love the fact that they never go on sale. That being said, I'm done with Chloe ( I freakin' hate that Paddington Lock!!, too heavy!, although I am kind of fond of the Betty), Bottega, and Marc Jacobs.
    To affirm that, I just ordered a Speedy 35 from Elux tonight to complete my Speedy collection.
    Anybody share my thoughts????
  2. I can't stick to just one bag. I love my other bags. I love LV as well. I think there is room for everything. Just like there's always room for Jello.
  3. Im with you on the love of different great bags. But I really do love my Chloe paddy, lock and all.
  4. I'm with you on this...I hate seeing a bag I paid over 2K go on sale for under 900.00. that feeling sucks! This is why I love LV as they never go on sale.

  5. Ditto here. I like my handbags to vary in designer, styles, colors, etc.. And I love the Paddy.... :heart: the padlock is what drew me to the style. Sure it would bother me a bit if the exact same bag in the color I have hunted down & gotten early on would go on sale later in the year, but that is the chance I take when I fall for a bag that I 'must have'. I do like the fact that LV does not go on sale but that isn't enough of a reason for me to give up the other bags I love. :smile:
  6. I know how you feel. I paid full price for my Chanel Cambon bags and then I see Saks mark them down on sale 40% plus an additional 30% off. It is frusterating and I am glad LV does not go on sale. This way I buy whenever I want. No need to check to see if it going on sale.

    Although I will always love Chanel and Im sure it wont stop me from buying more.:yes:
  7. I am a fan of classic bags. This is why it takes me sooooo long to decide on a bag. If I think its a season trend, I won't jump on it. For instance, I was so in :love: :heart: :love: :heart: with the Dior Gaucho in the spring. To this day I think its a gorgeous bag but in reality, it isn't one that I think I would carry enough to justify the price. :shrugs: It very well my end up a classic but at the time, I 'm not so sure its me. I like to get a lot of use from my bags which to me means that I dearly love them and just didn't buy on a whim. I'm not cheap as I have a few pricey LV's which is my fave brand but I don't like buying a bag, regardless of price, if I'm only going to carry it a few times.

    I've bought bags that I HAD to have, costing $$ instead of $$$$, only to carry them 2 or 3 times. To me, thats a waste. I've learned my lesson and I prefer to think about it rather than just buying "right now."

    Let me clarify............sometimes there is THAT BAG that you just HAVE TO HAVE and I'm guilty of that too but again, its usually a vintage LV, in my case :lol:
  8. Yes, agree with edsbgrl :smile:
    I'm getting my Marc by Marc Jacobs bag
    so happy
  9. I agree with you. My eyes really opened this summer when I bought a deerskin prada tote at sak's online sale for 800ish dollars (original price was 1,000ish). I posted on the prada forum and the next day I wanted to look at the purse online again but the link was gone so I went back to my post on the prada forum where I had included the link and it was all sold out but within one day they had lowered the price down to 400ish dollars. In fact, the brown bags were 400ish but they were selling black bags at original cost. I called their toll number and the SA told me they would send me a credit merchandise card for the difference. The leather on the purse is so buttery soft so I consider myself lucky that I got such a great deal but I would never buy Prada full price again. After the summer sales, Prada came out with a similar looking deerskin Prada tote- the only difference is that it's smaller with a zipper but they are charging around 2400 for it! I'm not sure how they can even justify the raise in prices.

    I've come to appreciate that after a LV purchase, I don't need to worry if the purse is going on sale the next day. But with other brands, I don't really see the point in buying for full price anymore since a good majority always go on sale.
  10. I'm happy that LV doesn't go on sale and has not outlets, this is one of the reason I've started buying LV. Sometimes I add a piece from Prada or Gucci (there is an outlet close to where I live) but I would never pay the full price even if I am totally in love with a bag! I buy/sell my bags often and LV is the perfect brand for me. I love other designers but I try to spend my money wisely (well, I know that many people would say that I'm not wise at all spending my money on bags but I know you understand what I mean...)
  11. Fairy-Bag- I agree with you.

    Getting the Saks SA to let me have the price difference was a mind game in itself. The first SA I got told me since the bags were all sold out, I wouldn't have gotten the deal on the bag in the first place and refused to give me the price difference. I thought about it and called again. This time I got another person but I first expressed interest in buying the bag and she looked it up online for me. Turns out, there were 2 bags left. So I had caught the previous SA in a blatant lie. The SA then gave me credit without a second thought.

    If I hadn't gotten my money back, I think I would have returned the purse whether I liked it or not just based on the feeling of getting ripped off.

    With LV, you do get a "peace of mind" that there really isn't a better deal - unless you go to Paris. That makes me enjoy the purses a lot more.