LV vs. Chanel vs. Miu Miu/Prada

  1. i wanted to get a bag for my mom who's in her early 50s (budget is around $1000 - $1300 and i'm pretty much stuck with these 3/4 brands. but here are my dilemmas with each of them:

    LV: i want something in non-vachetta and non-damier (so epi), but i don't really like their styles and they are kind of plain

    Chanel: i love them, but too expensive... the closest thing i can get is a PST (someone said $1350)

    miu miu/prada: the styles i like are also expensive

    which should i choose????
  2. Hm... what about something like a vernis Roxbury? Or the new vernis bag, can't remember the name for some reason. They have vachetta on them, though. I like the epi alma too. I agree, Chanel and Miu Miu are pretty pricey. I love the coffer but it's $1750!
  3. ^^ ITA the epi alma is quite nice :biggrin:
  4. ^^ but can the alma be shoulder-carried? because i think my mom might prefer something that she can carry on her shoulder... it's soo hard to choose because the stuff i like is just way too pricey for me..
  5. you can attach a strap to the rings on the alma
  6. I think the epi alma would be perfect for her.....a very classy bag!!
  7. EPI Madeleine, it is really a nice shoulder bag.
    Prada is nice, but I think miu miu's design is more suitable for young people. Just my thought....
    Good Luck!
  8. ^^^ITA the epi Alma is understated and mature.

    I read your other thread since you have multiple ones going on this same topic and I would say that this bag is a great choice but in one of your other threads you mentioned that you were thinking of a tote and the Alma is not a tote so that is something to consider.
  9. sigh* i'm confused again... if chanel was just a little more affordable i wouldn't have this dilemma...
  10. I feel your pain about Chanel. But how about a nice combination that makes something simple extra special.

    So in this case how about the very simple epi madeline pm or gm AND a VERY beautiful Croisette scarf to tie around the handles in a bow? Or if you wanted something with more colour the chaine grelots keyholder as a beautiful bag charm??

    That way you're looking at approx 1300 (w/ taxes).
  11. ^^ that's a good idea! at first i was thinking of getting her the madaleine because it's relatively cheaper than my other options and it's pretty much worry-free.. however, i still think i prefer spending more on a classier bag (sorry i'm not offending anyone.. but the pics i've seen so far are just not that flattery for that price) but forget about the accessories.. and i think i'm going to rule out the chanel because it's either i get her something really good (like the classic flap m/l or e/w) or i just shouldn't even go for something i can't afford/not willling to afford at this time/age. i'll see if i could find any cute bags in HR when i visit it some day. as for LV (that's the only thing i can afford relatively more comfortably), i guess it's either i stick with a speedy in damier or epi or something in the monogram line with as little vachetta as possible. any advices?

    Note: does anyone know any LV non-vachetta pieces that resemble the Beverly MM, i love that style but not so much the vachetta (b/c mom works in china)
  12. Hmmmm, I guess if it was for my mother I'd think about getting her the mini lin boulogne in ebene (+ something else maybe a matching cles).
  13. does your mum requires more space in the bag? if she's ok with something small Suhali Le Precieux will be a great bag USD1180. it comes in black or white. the strap can be detach for handheld too :smile:.
    Suhali Le Precieux.JPG
  14. I think the Epi Alma is very classy and timeless and sounds like a perfect gift for any Mom! I'm a Mom and I'd personally love it!
  15. Cabas Mezzo? Lockit Horizontal? Noe? These are all shoulder bags and classics.