LV vs. Balenciaga

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LV vs. Balenciaga

  1. LV speedy 25 + Coach/Accessories

  2. Balenciaga Cornflower Twiggy

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  1. you guys have probably noticed me nosing around the forum on the speedy 25 and the twiggy :sweatdrop:... so here we go...!

    should i get a Beautiful brand new Cornflower Twiggy at $950 OR should i get an LV speedy 25 mono + a pair of jeans and maybe some accessories/maybe a coach or juicy couture bag...? :shrugs:

    i'm a uni student on a student budget :shame:, don't get to splurge much.. i have yet to own an LV of my own... my current collection is a Balenciaga Blueberry Day, a Coach Swingpack, Lesportsac hobo, DKNY wallet and clutch.

    So what's it gonna be, ladies...? :party:

    TIA...! :flowers:
  2. LV LV LV:yahoo:

    p.s. im not a lady...
  3. since you already have a blue Bal, I'd get the Speedy and some accesoires :yes:
  4. Hi,
    I would get the mono speedy 25, only because it's a more timeless bag, and it goes with EVERYTHING. I got my first LV when I was a teenager, and it was a speedy 25, and I got so many years of use out of it. In fact, I still use it on occasion (although now I prefer the slightly larger 30), and I'm 36. I'm just not sure a Bbag will see you through that many years and changing fashion trends. i also think the mono canvas lends itself to being worn with all colors. I even wear mine with black, and it looks great. Either bag is beautiful. Enjoy your decision!
  5. speedy 25!!!!!!!
  6. speedy 25, because it's a classic one and you can always use it!
  7. If you didnt already have a Bbag then I would say go for the twiggy but since you have a blueberry (yummy btw!) get the speedy xx
  8. I would get the louis vuitton.
  9. Agreed - you already have one blue bbag.
  10. I think you're needing an LV in your collection.
  11. I would go with the LV only because you buy so much more with the $950...and you already have a blueberry you have some blues already :smile:
  12. Oooh, for me I might get the Balenciaga first because in Chicago its hard to get certain colors for Balenciaga.
    While we have 3 LV stores that always have Speedy bags in Chicago area...
  13. I'm not sure what color cornflower is, but I'm leaning towards the B-b. I think it's a fun bag and can be classic after the trend dies down. I also like the speedy 25, which I have as well. My only problem with it is that the opening makes it hard to get things in and out of.
  14. I would vote for Lv since you dont have any lv in ur collection
  15. you should post pics for us:yes:
    I don't know the different B-Bags.