LV vs. Balenciaga: Which is better?


Which is better - LV or Balenciaga?

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    Louis Vuitton

    38 vote(s)
  2. Balenciaga

    25 vote(s)
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  1. I've constantly debated between LV and Balenciaga. My heart still years for a caramel box and an ink city, but somehow I naturally gravitate towards LV bags when it comes down to it.

    So I decided to take a poll here; Which is better - LV or Balenciaga? :shame:
  2. I love Balenciaga bags. I think they are different & so well made. It was my 1st expensive bag purchase & it was worth every cent!
  3. hey ya!
    i'm voting for Balenciaga! it sounds like you really would like a caramel box and an ink city! i say get these 2 bags and enjoy them! dont forget it might be harder later on to get these b-bags in these colours! AND LV is always going to be around...
    good luck with what you decide!
  4. I've hit a dry spot with LVs atm so Balenciaga would be my preference.
  5. LV all the way. The classic lines last forever, and they hold up better than any leather bag available at any price. Balenciaga is also a bit too trendy, and I wonder how long the company will be popular this time around.
  6. Lv.
  7. Ooh difficult choice... I always thought a Balenciaga was more "me" til I got my 1st LV..
    My classique hasn't really come out of the closet in a while!
  8. i only have one of each.. can't say yet which I like more although I love the leather of my balenciaga so much.. it is so soft...
  9. Wow...they are neck and neck!
  10. Gosh :blink: ...this is a hard decision, because these bag are totally different, style wise! I love LV for their quality and style but sometimes I don't want to carry a bag that has their brand all over it.....I love the Balenciagas for the same reasons BUT, they don't scream the brand all over the bag so I can be discreet when necessary. Sooo, I can't vote!:Push: I think you should definitely get a B-bag, if you don't have one....otherwise you are really missing out on these beautiful bags! I've never been loyal to one brand, I think you'd be cheating yourself if you did.
  11. Definetly Balenciaga because I actually think that you get more value for your money because they are made from really nice leather instead of canvas and LV will always be around which once a B-bag colour is gone that's it. I sold all my LV mono stuff and didn't regret it a minute. I prefer Balenciaga because just the experts can tell what you are carrying. They are so much more understatement than the "loud" LVs but that's just my personal opinion.
  12. You basically can't compare them...they're soo different in terms of style and image that I don't think anyone has an answer...but I still lOve LV...:P
  13. Interesting insight...thanks!:shame:
  14. i think it's really a matter of personal style. i could never pull off a bbag. ever. the colors are beautiful but it's just not my taste. most LV however :love:. so classic and classy. that's who i want to be. rocker biker babe with exposed zippers and leather tassels just isn't how i see myself. :smile:
  15. I vote LV.