LV Visor

  1. Okay, I wasn't sure wether to post this in the General or the LV-forum, but since this is not a handbag question I'll take it here, and then maybe some moderator can move it if it turns out to be in the wrong place :smile:
    Anyways, are all LV-visors fake? I have seen some on celeberities and on TV, but I have never seen one on elux or something like that, and I have heard mentionings of "those horrible canal street fake visors" here on the forum too, so have LV never made visors at all?
  2. I'm not sure, but i don't think LV's made Visor before.
  3. If they did.........they shouldnt have!

  4. Wasn't Samantha wearing one in the SATC episode when they are in L.A.?
  5. Yah, i remember that episode now. Still not sure if it was an LV, and if it was. .... .was it real?