LV visit this thursday!!! need some advice...

  1. i am FINALLY going to LV this thursday to pick up an MC speedy. for those of you who own one, is there anything in particular i need to look for or test out?
  2. Just how hawt you are wearin' it - LQQK OUT! *sizzle zzz* ouch, too hot!

    ......lololol. I sound like a sleazeball from the 80's trying to pick up a chick at a Poison concert.

  3. ^LOL Gayle!!! You're too cute.
  4. Caley, do you have a color combo preference? If you do...that's what I'd suggest looking out for :biggrin:
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. I agree...check out the color combo. That was one of the things I lil' HL and my speedy have the same color combo in the funny...and cute:p

    :party: Good luck and congrats!!!:party:
  7. I agree with Lulu, combo preference! and make sure your's comes with everything and nothing is missing.

    ahhh i'm so excited for you!!
  8. Obviously look for one with the least patina (i.e. no floor models).
  9. Great advice. :yes:
  10. hehehe I couldn't resist jen and Lulu!

    color combos, no running or discoloration, workable locks, no scratches on gold, solid-tight feet on all 4 corners....and of course, always a clean, dirt free tushie (bottom canvas, lol).
  11. oh you ladies crack me up. :heart::heart:

    thanks for the tip ValleyOppressed. i've been so concerned about color combos that i completely forgot about patina.
  12. I would have the SA pull a few from the back so you have some to chose from.
  13. I think that's a good point Gayle made (not the pick-up line but the corners). I would go crazy if any of my hardware started coming off randomly.

    Another thing is to make sure that all of the flowers and monograms are printed out clearly and correctly. I know it may sound dumb but do you remember when I got my white MC Shirley a while ago and one of the flowers was only partially printed! I guess it wouldn't be a big deal for some people but it was to me and I brought it back the next day for a different Shirley.

    For me, stitching is important too. My stupid Marc totes drove me crazy... but that's for another designer sub-forum :p .

    Lastly, MAKE SURE YOU POST PICTURES!!! I absolutely love the MC speedy and will always want one ;)
  14. Have fun Caley, take lots of pix!!!!! Yipppppeeee!!
  15. No advice, but I can't wait to see it!!