LV Virgin: Popincourt Haut or Musette Salsa?


Level: purse peace!!!
Jul 22, 2006
A vote for PH! I love mine. The straps are adjustable so I can carry it long on my shoulder. Reminds me of the early 90s when Long straps were in and then late 90s there were small bags that fit under your armpits when short straps were the way to go. I'm 5', and the PH looks good on me with the long straps. PH looks more feminine than the Musette. Both beautiful! :yes:
Nov 2, 2006
what about the looping mm or papillon 30 (<- i prefer these two for medium-sized, over-the-shoulder bags)?

but between the two listed, i prefer the popincourt haut over the musette salsa.