LV Virgin: Popincourt Haut or Musette Salsa?

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  1. Both are totally different, but liked both of them on. I felt like the Popincourt was a little bit boxier than I'm use to. The musette salsa I was worried that it would be easy to get pick-pocketed due to the magnetic flap opening -

    Anyone have any advice either way.
    Ilike the Mini Looping but I think I'd fill it up fast - a little too small.

    Overall, I would want a bag that is on the shoulder or across my chest.
    new to this - thanks again!
  2. I just got the Musette Salsa as my first bag and it is great. So convenient, totally hands free, and comfortable all day. If I am in a situation where pickpocketing is a real risk (or it rains or snows) then I just put my coat on right over it- it is so low profile that you can't even tell there's a bag there! You could also turn it around so that the flap is against your body and that would make pickpocketing virtually impossible. The Popincourt Haut is definitely a cute bag but I thought it was a bit too ungainly as well, and I see many of them around. I've never seen anyone wearing the Musette Salsa besides me. I think it's the better choice.
  3. i love the PH... gorgeous bag. not really a fan of the musette salsa, but i do like it in damier.
  4. Add one more bag to that list (if this makes any sense) The Coussins GM bag - I just saw another PFer wearing one and it looks AMAZING!
    I wonder if it will look too big on a 5'4" gal?

    One thing is for sure! I'm getting closer!!! I do see a lot of PH-type bags (fake or real) on lots of ladies. I really think it might be either the Coussins (I'll have to try in person) or the Mousette Salsa.
  5. i have both the Popincourt Haut and Musette Salsa, but it depends on what you're looking for in a bag. if you want your hands to be completely free, then the Musette Salsa would be a good bag. The Popincourt Haut can definitely hold a lot more though, and the straps and also very comfortable on the shoulder
  6. I have the Musette Salsa in Damier and love it. :love: It's awesome for shopping, sporting events and a comfortable cross-body bag. The downside is it's not very big.

    I've tried the Popincourt Haut on several times but (and I know this sounds wacky) the little balls clicking against each other annoyed me. :shrugs:
  7. I like the "golden cherries" accent on the PH zipper, but overall I like the musette salsa better.
  8. I'd go for the PH, if I had to choose between that or the Musette Salsa...

    Have you considered Petite Bucket, or Batignolles Horizontal?
  9. Heehee... one man's trash...
  10. If you want a bag that is on the shoulder and/or across the chest, then the musette salsa would be the best choice. If you position the bag at the side of your body, rather than the back of your body, there shouldn't be a problem with pick-pockets. I've always worn it at the side and there have been no problems (knock on wood!). Or, as Cochrynn suggested, you could put your coat over it.
  11. PH gets my vote!
  12. I vote for the PH! Great shape...
  13. I've been eyeing the musette salsa as well. But I'm looking at it as more of a "on-the-go" doesn't seem very versatile to me since it doesn't hold a lot (but I still want it!). I don't think you should worry about someone pick-pocketing you; I think the flap is magnetic and it's not as easy to reach in there as, say a batignolles. PH is really cute, and I think it will hold a lot more (hence more versatile). So...I vote for PH!
  14. i was comparing the PH and the coussin side-by-side at the LV store once. you are right about the PH being boxy but it does hold more stuff compared to the coussin. it can also stand on its own. the coussin looks so comfortable but it doesn't stand on its own. i love the red plush lining though! both of them are great shoulder bags so i think it depends on how much you need to carry in your bag. i am 5' 1" and the bags look good on me; not too big, not too small. they are very similar in size but the PH is much thicker. by the way, i didn't get either one of them as i was just doing "research." hope this helps!
  15. i'd go for the PH.....