LV Virgin...please help!

  1. Hi ladies,
    I am in the process of purchasing my very first LV bag. I almost did a splurge purchase this afternoon at the LV store but I felt I needed to do a little more research before making the investment.

    I would like to purchase a monogram canvas, tote-like bag. Here are the ones I'm looking at:
    - Popincourt Haut
    - Batignolles Horizontal (too big???)
    - Cabas Piano

    Any advice on what to look for when purchasing an LV bag? I want a classic bag that will not go out of style. :confused1:

    Thank you!
  2. hey well i am certainly not the LV expert you are looking for, im sure you will get TONS of responses but i only have one LV and it is the Cabas Piano i love it!!
    i think its a great size, i love the design/style

    i dont know the other 2 so well i looked them up they are both nice too the horizontal is def big but if you carry a lot,,, then :smile:

    let us know what you wind upp choosing :smile:
  3. I would go with the cabas piano its a great bag and a classic for sure.
  4. I love the cabas Piano! It's a great size! Good luck deciding!
  5. The Batignolles Horizontal would be a cute first LV, but did you see the Bat Vertical!! cuter!
  6. I would go for the Batignolles Horizontal. Im purchasing one myself this summer. After looking thru the other everyday alternatives I think this is the cutest. I don't rly like the shape of the others.
  7. I have both the Cabas Piano and BH. There are pros and cons for each, but honestly you can't go wrong with either. Here's a few thoughts:

    Cabas Piano
    Pro - great every day bag, shoulder style, zip top, easy to get in and out of, cell phone pocket, size is super versatile for work or casual outings.

    Con - some are leary of the vachetta bottom which can be prone to dings and stains. You just have to be careful where you set it down. I never let mine touch the floor if at all possible. I used a little bit of Shining Monkey spray when I first got it which is supposed to help resisting light spotting/staining. The underside isn't that visible when you are carrying the bag, but if you ever wanted to give it away or sell it down the road, the potential buyer will always look under there :smile:

    Pro: Larger than the CP, meaning you get a LOT of LV for its price, gathered style with the buckles is so pretty...really a timeless style, nice open top which closes together when the bag is held under your arm. The snap hook closure is really elegant. This is GREAT as a work bag for documents or a small laptop. has a cell phone pocket and very easy to get in and out of.

    Con: the open top may be a no-no for some, especially in the rain and for travel. I really wanted to take mine on a business trip but didn't for those very reasons. The size is a little more rectangular so it may look a little too 'squat' on some. That's why you need to try it on! Also, depends on perspective but I consider it a 'work' (but non-travel) type of bag, so it really is too big for casual outings. I've taken mine shopping before because it's a great shoulder style as is the CP, but the CP is more compact.

    Hope this helps for now!
  8. I'll pick BH... it's really a timeless model, IMO. Goodluck on your choice!
  9. I vote for the Batignolles Horizontal. I'm so in love with mine!
  10. I would go for either the Popincourt Haut or the Batignolles Horizontal.
    I find the Cabas Piano a little boring. I think that is because of the lack of vachetta.
    Choosing between the two, I think you should deside on whether you want to be able to close it with a zipper or not.
  11. I vote for BH :yes:
  12. I like the BH and PH
    The CP I don't like too much
    I would go for the PH though even though it is smaller and more expensive than the BH. Why? Probably because to me the BH seemed too big and it rains quite a lot in the UK so I'd be too scared to use it.
  13. My one and only LV is the Cabas Piano. I still would get it again. I think it's a great size, etc. I like it alot.
  14. I vote for BH. It's a great size, so cute, and no vachetta on the bottom to worry about!
  15. I would say the Cabas Piano, it was my first LV bag and I could not of got a better bag for my first LV. It's very roomy and I like fact that it has a zipper as I'm always worried about open bags.