Lv Vip


Sep 9, 2006
six feet under the stars
I know this thread is really old, but have any of you ever had an SA excuse themself and walk away from you to help a VIC in the middle of your transaction? This happened to me a few months ago, and it irked me a little bit...


Feb 13, 2010
I asked the SA today, she said mostly it's who the SA decides to make one. Usually someone who buys something at least once a month, and who buys limited edition stuff. There is no set dollar limit she said. So maybe it's just a matter of getting on a SAs good side?

If someone here is a VIP please correct me if I'm wrong. She also said it varies from boutique to boutique.

There is also a lady here they nicknamed "Kimora" bc she has everything on preorder, anything new that comes in, she gets 2, in EVERY color, she said she spends $50 - 60 THOUSAND a MONTH ! I love LV, but I don't care how rich I ever become, that is just ridiculous!!!!

Two of each in every colour? Smells fishy! ...sounds to me like she's ripping one of each apart to make patterns for her fake factory, and uses the other to model the final product on...or to take photos of for bait-and-switch!


Mar 10, 2007
a few years ago I actually live din a city that had an LV store so I was there fairly often and got to know some really nice sas. I did get offered a few rarer pieces and got invites in the mail but never any VIP gifts, and I was into multicolore at the time so the bags I bought were mostly around the 2000.00 mark.
So I spent a bit and the sas liked me, yet no VIP gifts. Not sure what it would take???