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  1. I see unique LV items all the time on ebay that claim they are VIP purchases or gifts, such as bookmarkers. How do you authenticate it is an actual LV piece if it is a VIP piece and how does one become a LV VIP? Is it by spending a certain amount of money every year / month?

    TIA !
  2. I have the Multicolor VIP playing cards... they are quite pretty! And yes they are authentic.
  3. But how do you get a hold of VIP items?
  4. I asked the SA today, she said mostly it's who the SA decides to make one. Usually someone who buys something at least once a month, and who buys limited edition stuff. There is no set dollar limit she said. So maybe it's just a matter of getting on a SAs good side?

    If someone here is a VIP please correct me if I'm wrong. She also said it varies from boutique to boutique.

    There is also a lady here they nicknamed "Kimora" bc she has everything on preorder, anything new that comes in, she gets 2, in EVERY color, she said she spends $50 - 60 THOUSAND a MONTH ! I love LV, but I don't care how rich I ever become, that is just ridiculous!!!!
  5. ^^^:lol: @ "Kimora" nickname!!! How appropriate!!!
  6. That"s what my SA told me. The get customer presents about 2 to 3 times a year and then can decide to whom they give it. I really would like to have a bookmark in MC white and he said that I'll get one if they come in the next time.
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  7. I'm not a VIP (I wish), but my SA told me since her boutique only gets 1-2 limited edition bags she can call me when she gets the new Spring line and either I can say yes or no and if I like it she can charge send or just say no and she can offer to another customer. She said she has a man she calls and does that for him and can do the same for me. She's really nice. I guess it all depends who you deal with. Some stores I go to the sales people are so snotty there and could care less if you want to buy or not. They assume everyone has to be on a waitlist. Some of them don't even know their product line.
  8. Yeap, that's right it all depends on the sas. Here they are all very nice and helpful and I always go to the same guy and we do like each other and therefor he offered me some limited editions. I think when you are on good terms with the sa you can have everything without being rich and VIP.
  9. I am a LV VIP and have gotten a white MC bookmark and a bronze keepall paper weight. I'm not sure how I became a VIP. One day I bought a bag the the SA gave me the bookmark and told me that I was one of her favorite customers becasue "I was a sweetheart." Then I bought 3 more bags from here and she sent me the paperweight with a really sweet card. I'm also a VIP thru eluxury and recieve free shipping. Eluxury sent me an email stating that based on my order history they considered me a VIP. I bet those mc cards are awesome, when where those given out to VIP's?
  10. I'm a VIP with Eluxury as well and on very good terms with my LV SA. In fact she sold me the limited Panda pochette and key holder. She always come thru with my special requests and then calls me. Saw her yesterday and asked her about the MC LV bookmarks and she claims to know nothing of it. Perhaps they were only available at certain LV boutiques???:wondering
  11. I WISH I was a VIP!!!:sad2:
  12. i guess i'm vip too. bought way too many. i got a few gifts.... for christmas..... usually very casually. just when i came in looking. sometimes i try not to go to holts because i don't want to look like i have no life..... but they have, (in time) told me that i'm nice..... they called today.... my onotah is in.... in cocoa (sp?) i always just ask to be called when THE BAG comes in.....

    they actually clapped when i buy non-LV!


    my husband tells me i have a problem....
  13. How do u become a VIP at eluxury?
  14. That's funny :biggrin: You should post your collection in the Bag showcase thread, we'd all love to see your beauties :love:
  15. Wish I was a VIP too. I really like the MC Bookmark.