LV VIP Party!!! PICS:)

  1. I had so much fun at the VIP party!! Champagne, LV...what could be better?!?!?:yes:

    I was bad and bought the last Damier Azur Speedy that they had...I just couldn't resist!!:yahoo:

    Here are pics of my new bag, my Speedy family, my Chihuahuas and my SO:heart: :heart:

    Heehee also a pic of me and my ring!!:graucho:
    sexy tim 4.jpg hottie nicole 2.jpg
  2. Hold on...putting other pics up!!
  3. OK heres more:smile:
    new lv 1.jpg new lv 2.jpg new lv 4.jpg new lv 5.jpg
  4. PS--OK I am mortified!! My fiancee named to files so I apologize for the ridiculous titles that he gave the first two pics!

    I am also alitttttle tipsy from the champagne!! LOL
  5. Hahah you guys are soooooo cute!!! And the dogs :love:

    Love love LOVE your new LV!!! Congrats :nuts:
  6. Oooh I love the speedies and your ring is gorgeous! And your puppies are tooo cute!
  7. :heart: your pics, your puppies are gorgeous!
    Congrats on the Azur speedy, it will be mine soon too! :yes: :yahoo:
  8. I love your speedys and your dogs are too cute. Nice Ring. Do you have pics from the actual party? I love seeing pics of LV events.
  9. ^not myself but I requested that LV contact me so that I can get the pics that were taken of myself and my SO:smile:

    If/when I get them, I will DEFINITELY post!! :smile:
  10. Congrats on your new Speedy! You sure are a hottie:graucho: LOL ,sexy SO and dogs too:P
  11. i love your bag and i ring
    i have a simillar ring but with a pink stone in the middle


    jesszilla 440.jpg
  12. Love the new bag, puppy and the file name on your pics that was too cute.
  13. Your ring is really pretty!!

    I love the colored stone look, but since it was my engagement ring my SO went with a diamond:smile:
  14. Great thread...congrats on it all;)
  15. Nicole you look fabulous! Congrats on the Speedy! : )
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