LV VIP Christmas gift

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  1. Anyone know what the gift is this year? snow globe? etc.?
  2. Vivienne Snow globe, chocolate in a monogram case
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  4. Did you receive one yet? Can you share pics please?!
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  5. Would love to see as well, it differs from one country to another usually:nuts:
  6. Do you have pics? :love:
  7. How much do you have to spend in a year to be a VIP?
  8. Much that I can :smile:
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  9. In the past, it was at the discretion of the SA. Not sure if there is a firmer rule these days. I don't spend that much compare to others (4-5K per year maybe?), but I have gotten VIP gifts numerous times.
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  10. Darn! That means those if us who exclusively (or almost exclusively) shop online (closest store is a 4 hr. drive) are out of luck :sad:
  11. From my SA’s info, it’s €50,000 in 2 years period (just under $60,000)
  12. Lol I have never spent that much... and yet gotten VIP gifts. They can definitely bend that rule. I m going to ask my SA next time I m in the store!
  13. That's what I thought.
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  14. I bet they bend the rule all the time! I also know some friends in US who spent way more than this and yet not receiving what I received :whut:
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  15. I think it's "easier" to become a VIP in a smaller shop and relationship matters more perhaps.
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