LV Vest

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  1. Please go to then select USA. Then go to catalog select men, go down to ready to wear and click on Fall-Winter 2006/07 Collection and look at look number 5. How much is this vest? Thanks
  2. This one?

  3. Hmm... wild guess: $4,500?
  4. Yes that is the one
  5. Hot Hot Hot
  6. wild guess: more than my first car cost.
  7. What do you guys think it is made out of?
  8. I'm thinking rabbit fur?
  9. hmmm...I'm gonna go for 10 000$ lol in MINK fur lol
  10. Since it's LV I'm guessing close to 15,000 big ones.
  11. its about $5k I had my name on the list but i didnt think it was worth it
  12. it's $4,300 and also came in Black. Both colors are sold out wolrdwide as they hit the stores back in Oct. It is reversable and made of rabbit fur
  13. Thanks Everyone!!!