LV Vernis

  1. I know that vernis products are susceptible to color transfer/staining but do you think this would be the case for darker colors such as pomme d'amour or amarante?
  2. No don't think so, at least not as the lighter colors. Have a pomme cles, use it every day and throw it around, still looks like new!

    Besides, both are colors tdf!!
  3. I have no problem with colour transfer so far but all my vernis are dark ones
  4. my only vernis is amarante & it's fine so far!!
  5. I have the Reade pm in Pomme and I haven't had a bit of trouble with it. I am very careful to not set it on anything that has print on it because I have read that the ink from the print can transfer.
  6. That's great news.

    I am glad I don't have to be super careful with the pomme although I am the same I do watch where I set it down.

    I am hoping to add the amarante, I have been lusting after this color since it was released.
  7. My pomme cles has had no problem.
  8. I just got the color first Vernis that is not dark so I am keeping my fingers's a wallet btw. :hrmm:
  9. I have the amarante sunset blvd and theres no color transfer whatsoever. Or atleast I think there isn't...can't see cus its so dark.
  10. Colour will still transfer to darker colours, but you may not notice it as much as if it were on lighter colour vernis.
  11. ^Congrats, that's the bag I'd like to get!
  12. Congrats!! Gorgeous bag!
  13. I love the Reade in amarante. Congrats!! I have a Houston in amarante and I have not had a problem with color transfer
  14. oh, i love it! congrats!