LV Vernis - Scratching a problem? Help!

  1. I recently bought the amarante agenda but haven't taken it out to use it yet because I am so afraid that I would put a scratch on it with maybe my keys or something. All the vernis owners: Do you do anything special to protect it? Is there something I should do to prevent any future problems such as fading and scratching? Thank you all so much. You rock!:heart::tup:
  2. I don't own any vernis, but I heard it's durable. I think you'll be fine. I haven't heard about scratching.
  3. i have a frambroise agenda and use it as a agenda/wallet

    There aren't "scratches" but theres some lines on it where you see that something has dented/made a mark on it

    i try not to lean it against my keys are anything "sharp" in my handbag
    if that makes sense

    hope this helps
  4. Thank you!! That's so good to know. I will try to keep my keys in a tiny pouch or just far away from the agenda. hehehe.
  5. I don't find vernis that fragile, I use my wallet all the time but keep it away from keys and pens.
  6. I have a pomme agenda and use it as my wallet. Vernis is very durable. I have been using it since March and I don't have one scratch on it and I don't baby it.
  7. I have a blue broome wallet and there are no scratches on it and it's 8 years old :smile: I keep it in the dustbag though. You can see it in my avatar, center of the photo.
  8. It is more durable then it looks. Use it girl, that is what you bought it for!
  9. It's not a huge problem. You may find light surface scratches that you will ONLY find if you search closely under the light. I have a pomme vernis cles and used it for a few months with my car keys attached and it still looks like new. Just a couple of small pin-sized dents, but you have to expect worries, just enjoy your vernis :smile: I also have a key holder, and amarate french problems with those at all.
  10. Nope, I have a pomme vernis cles. I use it everyday, dont put it in anything. I toss it on the table,in my bag you name it. It looks fine.