LV Vernis Ludlow - Ebay bidding price?/Buy it Now

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  1. I have a LV Vernis Ludlow in Perle that I would like to sell on eBay. How much should the bidding start at--or how much for buy it now....How much should I aim to sell it for?
    It would be my first time selling LV on eBay--I have the LV shopping bag, box and the little dust cover...I don't have the receipt (lost it-) but I have the little booklet that comes with vernis (the care of vernis).

    Because it is perle (so temptingly beautiful but def. not practical) it has a little bit of discoloration on the edges.
    Should I even bother selling it? Perhaps it won't sell cuz of the discoloration.

    Ladies, I need your expert advice!
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  2. if i were you just look at what others are going for on eBay. you probably don't have intentions to sell it here on the forum (which is not allowed, only in the marketplaza) but this thread runs dangerously close to promoting it. just put a price that you know you wouldn't let it go for any lower and see if it sells or gets bids. if not, try lowering it, or take it off ebay.
  3. Hmm, i have seen new pomme ludlows not sell for over 300, I would think to start the bid low and decide what your reserve price would be. It doesnt look that bad, looks like a red rubbed off on it, was it from a damier bag? It all depends if you really dont care about the wallet and want to sell it, I wouldnt expect more than 150 for it. Caould you please tell me what cause it to discolor?
  4. Whoops! I don't want to break any rules here!!! How can I delete this thread?!
  5. I honestly don't know--the only bag I carried it in is a Mono speedy. So maybe its from the brownish canvas inside? My vernis perle PTI also has a little bit of the same--so I think it's got to be from the canvas :sad:
  6. Do what the other ebayers are doing.
  7. You can go on ebay and look at the completed auctions that are similar. Just go under advanced search and play around.

    Personally I would not pay too much becuase of the discoloration, but that is a very common issue with the light colored vernis.
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