LV Vernis in Raspberry

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  1. I don't have a LV boutique here and the closest one is an hour away. Has anyone seen the Valentines line of Vernis in the raspberry color in person? has it but Eluxury doesn't have the Vernis in that color. I want to know if it's more red than pink or is it a true dark pink?
  2. Its kind of like a toned down fuschia, not as flashy. It is still pink than red. I have it and i LOVE it, even more than fushica, I'd feel too "legally blonde" carrying it now that i think of it!

    The pic on is closest to the actual color, I've taken pics of mine and the color seems way off from what it looks like IRL.
  3. which piece do you have? I think I want the koala wallet. I wonder if they have that color on the agenda?
  4. I have the Bedford & the pochette cles

    Yes, they do have the agenda in framboise!
  5. the ASQ says it's $100 more than retail.
  6. Allison, the framboise pieces are the same price as the other vernis pieces. blushingbaby pretty much got the color down to a T.

    there's also a couple new pieces coming out in the vernis line and they will be available in vernis as well.
  7. i went to the LV store last night (again) and yeah, its more of a pink! and its just pretty! i totally love the colour! :smile:
  8. do you know what pieces will be new to vernis?

    my friend is part of alva...i should ask her too, she always seems to be in the know about lv. :idea:
  9. it's a strawberry pink- not too bright, sort of salmon color. it's beautiful!
  10. It is so gorgeous! I saw it in person last night! I wanted to take the Houston home with me but I restrained myself. LOL.