LV Vernis Framboise???

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  1. I finally have some money to buy a LV wallet, but I can't decide on what to buy. I want something that will match both the regular brown monogram bags and a black bag.

    A vernis wallet in the hot pink framboise color would be perfect I think so I went on eluxury- they show that color in the photo- but don't have it for sale :suspiciou All they have is white, tan and blue...ughh.

    Is elux sold out of that color, or have they never even sold it?

    Thinking about getting a white MC wallet instead- but do you think that would look weird with a brown monogram purse?
  2. i was at the LV boutique yesterday- they had several framboise vernis wallets in the store. don't know if they were they style that you are seeking! they are beautiful. i bought the houston in framboise while i was there. i think it goes with brown very well.
  3. I would keep looking, you'll find it! :biggrin:
    White would get VERY dirty, VERY quickly if it were mine. Money's so dirrrty!
  4. i agree, i'd keep looking! :amuse: if you have your heart set on one then you should go for a search!

    good luck!
  5. I won't have to worry about that- I won't have any after buying the wallet :biggrin:

    Oh, how do you pronounce the word "vernis" - so if I call LV I won't sound like a dork. Thanks!
  6. LOL!
    I don't know, I'd guess ver-nee{?}
  7. congratulation!!!! That bag is gorgeous! i was just looking/drooling at it on line. Please please post pictures when you can! do you love it? It's patent leather won't that wear really well and not get dirty at all?

  8. Nice! I was contemplating the houston in that color as well :biggrin: The only thing is that I'm paranoid about color transfer. I tend to buy the darker vernis pieces for that reason and I can't decide if the framboise is too light for me.
  9. i'm worried about this color transfer too! i took out my baby for the first time yesterday and was so nervous all day! i finally rushed home and put her back in the duster haha...

    for my framboise fix i'm going to stick to my pochette cles until i think she's ready! haha