LV Vernis fans need help! Are the marks on the leather removable?

Nov 20, 2006
Is it possible girls? It's quite patent so I dont want to try and clean it and make it worse :crybaby:

I havent gone to the LV boutique about it. It's quite small but a bit noticable. It's a like faint tan stain done by accident about umm 3 cm long by 0.2-0.3cm and the other 4 by 0.3cm

Thanks! :heart: :s


got tempted easily!
Apr 11, 2006
Hi, sorry that happened to your bag. I honestly don't know how to fix it. Color trasfer is common promblem for vernis line and it is very noticeable for lighter colors. I don't think LV can fix it either. You can give them a call, it 's worth the shot.