LV Vernis colors and availability

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  1. Hi,

    I'm rather new to LV and just saw some of the Vernis wallets and agendas at the store last night and was thinking about getting something in vernis (not yet sure what but I want something!)

    My question is, how often does LV come out with new Vernis colors? Also, I know that the indigo shade is now discontinued, but would there be any hope in finding anything indigo now?

    I apologize if any of this information is posted already...I couldn't find anything on availability of colors and such...thanks in advance!
  2. you can try the 866-Vuitton to see if an SA can do a search for the Indigo pieces for you..
  3. Yeah I think there are a few select bags available (not many at all) and some accessories in the Indigo available.
    They typically come out with a new color about twice a year and they have about 6 month runs apiece (that depends on popularity and ease of production though). The Framboise came out last year at this time, the Pomme d'Amour just came out and there will be a dark purple/burgundy available in the fall that's called Amarante. There aren't any pics of that one yet though.
  4. Also check the LV Reference Folder for threads about vernis. Welcome to LV!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.