LV Vernis Color Transfer?

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  1. Is there any way to clean up LV Vernis bags/accessories?

    There are several authentic Vernis items on eBay for really great prices b/c they have a color transfer/marks/discoloration. Is there something you can use to remove discolorations on the Vernis?
  2. if any of the ladies out there has a solution i'd love to know too......that's what stops me from buying vernis pieces.....
  3. Unfortunately, there is no way to "remove" color transfer because it becomes part of the leather. The only solution (well prevention, rather) is to take good care of your bags. But I own multiple vernis pieces, and I've never had a problem.
  4. Thats why I don't buy really light vernis pieces. It happens to the darker pieces as well but IMO it doesn't look as bad. My SA said that there is no way to remove this after it happens :sad: So just be careful!@
  5. I've owned a couple of Marshmallow pieces for a year and a half with no problems. So I agree that it really does depend on how you take care of them.
  6. Just keep your LV vernis goods away from PENS and NEWSPAPERS. Looks like those are the biggest 2 culprits right there.
  7. OT, but what about the MC?

    I haven't used mine yet, but I've heard that the monogram fades. Is this a big and noticeable problem? How long is it before this happens? And is there any way to prevent it?
  8. I've had mine for couple of years now and as long as you keep it away from the direct sunlight you should be fine.:biggrin:
  9. I wanted a Reade for Valentines but the SA talked me out of it, she had me scared it would practically disintegrate in my hands! HAHA. Seriously she was just saying "Don't wear black jeans with it" or the dye from the jeans will rub off. I don't wear jeans anyway, so I got the Speedy 40.