LV Vernis Color Fading

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  1. I am considering buying a pre-loved LV Vernis (I think it is a Papillon style). I thought it was a lovely mint green color, but the owner said to look closely, as the color used to be light blue and it has faded to green. I may still get the bag, but now I wonder...will it keep changing color? is there any way to preserve it? Do all the colors in Vernis do this?
    Thanks for any responses?
  2. the bright colors bright more with time and much sun exposer
  3. I have actually seen this same style bag in the same colour and with the same issue! Although I don't know if it'll be the same one as I saw it some time ago and live in the UK. I was worried that although it looked green in the pictures, there would in fact be some areas that still showed different tinges and hints of colour. I have seen some that start to turn a yellowy green with more exposure to the sun. I think I might steer clear :/
  4. Sounds like it was a baby blue, or maybe lavender, bedford. There was also a peppermint bedford.

    You won't be able to restore it but it shouldn't get any worse unless you keep it in prolonged sunlight.

    The older colours of vernis did change colour/fade depending on storage. That said, I have some vernis from the same era and have had no colour change because they've not been stored in sunlight or left in cars in the sun etc.