LV VDAY RAOK reveal thread!!

  1. Okay! Please do reveal your gifts here. :biggrin: Post photos of it pls!
  2. I'll be sending mine out to my buddy early, as I'm working this weekend...
    Don't open until Valentine's Day, buddy !!!!! lol.....
  3. same here. Mine is going out before friday :smile:
  4. Mine went out but I am not sure how quickly it will get there :smile: I hope it gets there in time.
  5. i just need to finish the wrapping and wait for my buddy to post the address for the goodies lol
  6. Mine went out early as well but I guess she has not received it yet. Snail mail, I guess
  7. Hmmmm, I'm so sorry everyone. As you know, I'm sending everyone a gift too, but the customisation is taking a little too long and it's Chinese New Year holiday for the next few days. :sad: You ladies and guy should receive it after vday. Sorry! I'll be sending out my parcel tomorrow.. hope its in time too. :smile:
  8. can't wait for my Buddy to get their gift!
  9. i am senting out mine tomoorw...hope the person likes it as its my first RAOK..

    i got my present today! its so pretty i love it :smile:

    thank you thank you thank you buddy :smile:
    sorry for the small pictures. photobucket is being stupid.

    (sorry, this one is blurry)


    (it says diary of a Couture GIrl! thats mee :heart:)

    THank you! I actually just got the bracelet for christmas and was looking for some charms for it!!:nuts::heart::yahoo:
  11. ^^^^
    Congrats !! Juicy makes a charm especially with your screen name !!
    It's adorable !!
    Did you find out who your Vday buddy is ??
  12. nope not yett...

  13. that is soooo cute
  14. OMG..OMG..OMG...:upsidedown:..I got my RAOK package today..:yahoo:

    I LOVE THE PACKAGE and dun even wan to open it.:sweatdrop: should i open it?:confused1:
  15. pradafanatic - you can't keep us waiting it and take a pic.