LV VAT Refund wait time?

  1. So I was curious as to those who have bought LV out of the US and done the whole VAT refund thing. I purchased some LV's in France and Italy this past summer, but didn't leave the EU until August 15. It's October 1 and I was wondering how much longer I can expect to wait to get the refund posted back to my credit card statement. I've been checking almost everyday, and I was just wondering if anyone else has had a really long wait.

    Thanks all!
  2. wow that's a long time! My mom paid cash when she went to paris so she got the $$ back right away. good luck!
  3. It takes about 6-8 weeks usually.
  4. you always have the option to get your refund in cash asap whether you use your credit card, debit card or cash when purchasing . with regards to direct crediting of a chosen credit card, it usually takes 1-2 months for your refund to be posted back to your cc statement.
  5. For the cash, they told me that it would've been back in Euros, and I really didn't need the euros (or pounds, in this case) since I was leaving the EU.
  6. just give it a little time. i'm sure you'll get it:smile:. anyways, you can always check with the paris office at tel#: +33 1 41 61 51 51 or email them at and the global refund office in italy at tel #: +39 0331 283 555 /
  7. Oh thank you so much! Really appreciate the numbers, except for the fact I don't speak french ;)
  8. LOL! i'm sure they speak english:p. hope you get your refund soon!
  9. i never got my refund. It just never came and I didnt bother to resubmit any paperwork.
  10. It took about two months for me to see the VAT refund on my credit card statement. I submitted all of the VAT refund paperwork at the airport before I left France. My mother forgot to submit her VAT refund paperwork at the the airport in Paris and mailed it out once we got back to the US. She never got the VAT refunded on her credit card and didn't bother following up on it either :push:
  11. my mom got her VAT refund back in about 2 months.
  12. Took me about 6 months when I went to France. In Italy, I got it back in cash instantly :smile:
  13. Hmm, interesting. I mailed mine out at Gatwick on August 14, so just kinda eager to see when I might get it. Thanks all!
  14. I am glad you posted this question, I was just about to ask the same one. So I guess 2 months is pretty standard.
  15. may i know how many % is the VAT refund? thanks