LV VanietyFair Supplement, pics here

  1. I had promised to post pics if I was able to get a copy of the supplement that subscribers to VF received. I got my from a unnamed source.

    Gorgeous glossy 24+ pages which list the Icons of Louis Vuitton and short about each.

    I hope these selected photos give you an idea of what this was incase you heard about it and did not get it.

    I would think this history/dicussion is in the LV Luxury book.

    I can only get 3 photos on so I will do a part II
    ICONA.jpg ICONB.jpg ICONC.jpg
  2. I hope these pics came out okay, I wish they were more professional !

    Best ! GelberGirl
    ICONG.jpg ICONH.jpg
  3. oh thanks GelberGirl!
  4. Thanks GG!
  5. thanks so much! can't wait to see the rest!!! Woohoo!!!
  6. Thanks so much!! I wish I could get one!
  7. Thanks for sharing!!!!!! :flowers:
  8. Thanks for posting them!
  9. Thanks for sharing...Now where can I get my hands on one of this???

    Darn it , I should subscribe!!
  10. I got this free with the new bazzar in Australia, it has VB on the cover, they did it cos it was a huge special (apparently we were the 1st country to get the article on VB instead of europe or the us and 2 or 3 months later given to us, not sure how true the story is since i thought VB was on the cover of other Bazzars around the globe this month) anyway it has all the pics from the site about the icons and a page or two on the history of each one, i was upset that they didnt show the after shots (apart from the steamer) of the icons from the designers interpretaions. oh well, its really not that great u find the same infor on the lv site and same pics, i cant belive i saw some on ebay sell ing for huge amounts for a FREE magazine.

  11. Did you subscribe to Bazzar??

    Can you please tell me the detail, what month of bazar . I want to ask my dad in Perth to get it for me if it's available in the store...
  12. Its this months issue, and I just picked it up at a store it had it in the magazine as a pull out so technically you should be able to get it if your dads in Perth, but if you get it dont be too hyped up it was a let down for me.
  13. OH ..ok...thanks for the info..

    so it's November issue with VB in the cover..will try to call will be a challenge..
  14. i'm in canada and this month's cover is george clooney! our office gets a subscription so i'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll get it next month..then i'm gonna rip it out and steal it! LOl kidding girls...stealing is bad! but borrowing and forgetting to return it is ok! :lol: