LV Valentines Party at Sydney!!

  1. Hi Guys! Firstly, i was wandering whether any of yous went to the Valentines day party?? I must admit, it was incredibly crouded! Anyways, i saw my new target: Naviglio Messenger in Damier AZUR!!!!!!!:yahoo: Finally, a more of an unisex Azur piece!! For all you guys out there, it is an absolute beauty!! Sorry, i couldnt take any pix of it, but pls do check it out at your store.

    Back to the party, Apart from the usual pieces, there were the lovely Pomme pieces (but its really no suprise whatsoever) and some of the Spring Summer Collection for men and women. There was a lovely calligraphist who wrote Cards for us and there was champagne and food. Overall, it was a good party though i thought that i lacked some service. My SA saw me like 30 minutes after ive been roaming about trying to do something lol....And for those of you who remember, I have been trying to find the Amman Messenger, and today, I actually saw some of the Monogram Mini initiales pieces. My SA told me that the Amman MIGHT be coming in (fingers crossed)!
  2. an Azur Naviglio sounds very good. im still rather :sad: for not being able to go tonight. but thanks for the report. im keeping my fingers crossed for your Amman ;)
  3. Thanks for the report my store had their event tonight too and I got the heart in pomme .. what S/S bags did you see??? It was so busy at the store here it was very difficult to view ANYTHING:s
  4. Thankyou! :p
  6. Thanks .. It sounds like the glossy one was the kangaroo sac plat;) That leather is stunning:heart:
  7. is the navigliio out now I've seen pics in the lookbokk and it is stunning
  8. so you're the one out of two who managed to get the heart purse in pomme. lucky girl and congrats for that. i just put my name on the list. hope to get it before valentine *fingers crossed*
  9. I didn't get to the Melbourne Collins St event, but I was told by my SAs it was absolutely madness. The crowd was massive. But I'm going to the Crown event next Friday.
  10. I went last night, it was SO packed!
    Ended up not buying anything from the range, I got the cream/ivory bindi sunglasses though, last pair!

    My mum bought a bag, 2 scarves, the red teddy bear brooch, red and white hair baubles.

    was a fun night!
  11. OMG! I think i saw the Bindis before you got them! The bear brooch os SUPER cute!