LV Vachetta bag???

  1. That bag is real. The leather will get scratched up but if cared for it will wear very well.
  2. I had the Alma and the Vachetta is much smoother than what is on most of our Monogram bags.
  3. thanks guys...

    the bag is beautiful :smile:
  4. I like it but it feels like its naked :yes:
  5. is this a line?
    they should call it naked bag....
    its cute though!
  6. my mum bought a vachetta Alma a couple of years ago from the boutique. it looked so delicate and virginal when it was new. now it looks like it's a Nomade Alma with a slightly lighter warm glow. we love it!
  7. You need to be super super super careful about it though! Never take it out if it rains!
  8. it scares me!! it lookes like you should put clothes on it or something lol. I personally dont care too much for it!!
  9. It's breathe taking when you take good care of it! Really does glow softly and the vachetta is so much smoother that the handles and trim on the other lines.:yes:
  10. I like it.
  11. It's very nice, but it looks kind of.... naked?

    And it'd scratch easily too. Very high maintenance IMO.
  12. high maintenance = pure luxury ;)
  13. Never seen it in person but it's's pretty but wouldn't work for me. I'd rarely, if ever, use it and I need bags I can use.
  14. nicenice....i like it.....