LV v.s A weekend Gateway

  1. I think the weather is getting warmer and I have a strong desire for a weekend gateway (that I haven't had it for a long time). I had bought few LVs in Feb and now I am thinking to sell one to fund the money. How do u think? Will you do that - selling your favorite bags for a trip (It's not necessary, but it's very tempted)?

  2. No, I wouldn't sell a bag at a loss to fund a trip. I would be on a ban for a while for a trip.
  3. Never! O.o You can't get much of a trip for the price of an LV bag anyways, unless it's the tribute. And, well, if it was the tribute, i'd sell it anyways. :rolleyes:
  4. haha if they can afford the tribute, they wouldnt need to sell a bag to fund for a trip! lol

    I wouldnt sell a bag for a trip!
  5. me neither..i wouldn't sell a bag for a trip..cuz the whole i'm on a trip i'd be thinking about the bag I sold and how it would have been great to have on this trip. LOL

    i'd say go on a ban to fund a trip!
  6. ditto, go on a will most likely take a loss on whatever you sell. The bag will last longer than a getaway trip.
  7. Personally I wouldn't do it, but it all depends on how attatched you are to the bag in question combined with how much you want to go.
  8. i would save up for a trip, put myself on a ban or sth. and bring my lv on the trip. hahaa
  9. I wouldn't, but if your'e even debating this then maybe the bag isn't as good as you had hoped? If so i would return.
  10. I would save up for a trip.
  11. I wouldn't sell either.
  12. Here's what happened to me since I became addicted to LV:

    Me and hubby's 10 year anniversary is coming up and we talked about going away for a weekend trip:

    Me: Where do you want to go?
    Him: Where ever you want to go.
    Me: Are you sure you want to go?
    Him: Well we could go on a trip for our 10-year Anniversary - or - You could get a new LV bag and I could get a 40"LCD Television.

    LOL!!!! So, basically I usually forgo the trip for an LV.
  13. ^ha ha ha...great story...
  14. not for a weekend get away. maybe for a two week getaway to venice italy.
    id keep the bag, especially because you called it your "favorite"
  15. Hahaha - this thread is kinda funny. We are looking to upgrade to a nicer, bigger home - my DH is all about saving and spending money on a new house etc. I am all about getting a new bag for the spring/ summer.