LV Ursula or Rita owners

  1. Hi Fans of Louis Vuitton...
    For those of you who owns a Ursula or the Rita do you gals like them? Is it too heavy once you have your things in?
    Since the bag is Multi Colour...which is better Black or White?

    Thank you!
  2. i have a white mc rita and i do like it a lot but it is a heavy bag even without anything inside it. hope this helps:smile:
  3. I also have the MC Rita bag in white and its my favorite by far. It gives you so much room to bring all your necessities with you and when you are a packrat like me this definately helps. The bag is gorgeous and is detailed superbly. I recommend this bag to anyone who loves the MC Collection or Louis Vuitton in general.:heart:

    *Just the sidenote, the photos are backwards because I took them with my laptop.
    Photo 1.jpg Photo 2.jpg Photo 3.jpg
  4. Thank you for your answers. It does help!! I am bummed that it w/be heavy...but its such a pretty bag!!!!!:tup:
  5. Biancaboo...

    Hope you w/love LA...that is where I live!!!!
  6. thanks, kianat! i'm sure i will. i'll be visiting friends and relatives for the holidays. i used to live there before moving here in norway:smile:....
  7. I have the white MC Rita and I love this bag --- it really has plenty of room for all my things. I love the fact that I can use it as a shoulder bag and as a handheld bag, too. Honestly, I am so used to carrying so much stuff around on a daily basis that I consider carrying this bag, weight and all, as normal. I don't even think about it.

    As for colors --- I would love to get a black Rita as well! It is such a stunning bag in this color too!
  8. I have the white Ursula,:heart:... it's large enough to carry all my things and some. Yes it can get a little heavy if I overload.
    Ursula - 10.jpg
  9. yes it is heavy.. but both bags are to die for.... i am used to the heavyness =P
  10. I love my Ursula.. here she is :smile:
  11. I brought out my black ursula for the first time yesterday!! She did received a lot of attention :p Its a wonderful bag and i won't overload to me the weight is ok:love:
  12. I got my First L.V Bag today Rita:heart::heart::heart: I love it. Now my Wapity has a home to live in :yes: .

    It was quite heavy but it is fab :love:

  13. I'm also planning to buy an LV Ursula, in white. How much did you buy yours?
  14. I have a black Rita and i LOVE it!! it can get heavy, but it's gorgeous and big enough to hold all my junk!