LV updates the Bosphore line!!

  1. I was browsing the LV website(...again!!!)
    When I came across these new items, I have never seen them before, but maybe I'm haven't been looking as hard as I should do!! Or I'm just late.
    I never really liked the Bosphore range, and I don't really like these new ones.

    pic from
  2. cant see pic but i have seen a load of new bags in mono and maybe damier on the lv website!
  3. Can see the pic :sad:
  4. i duno what your talking about! but i really like the pre-fall collection pics that they have up!
  5. Sorry about not being able to see it, I have no idea why, though.
    I trying to show with an attachment now.
    LV Messengers.jpg
  6. I like the GM... I think I might buy it... :biggrin:
  7. Where did you see it on the site - can't find them
  8. I live in London, so I checked on the UK site, and clicked e-shopping. It's in the womens and mens sectiond on City bags and briefcases, then Mono Canvas.
    Can you believe there are sold out already?!!
  9. That's nice!! I love messenger style bags. They're so pratical. Soooo tempting
  10. I found it - love the Bosphore PM!
  11. Cute bag!
  12. I am buying that GM!! LOL!
  13. When I first saw them, I didn't really feel automatically drawn to them, like I have done on soooo many other LV's:amuse: !!!. But after reading all these good reports, I am definately going down to my local to see the GM in IRL. But, I already have an Abbesses (that I :heart: ). So don't know if £460/$850 is worth it for a bag I have virtually already got:huh:. Is it?
  14. I like this one better than my Bosphore messenger bag I own..arghh....
  15. I like it.