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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm trying to buy my friend a little something from LV for her birthday. My budget is £200 and she doesn't have any items from there. Can you recommend what to get? She does not need a key holder or cles type item and I don't think she would like the coin purse either. Please help!
  2. What about perfume .
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  3. Maybe a cute bag charm? :smile:
  4. Maybe the unicef bracelet with the silver lockit charm, or a essential V bracelet. It all just really depends on what your friend likes but there are quite a few bracelets in your price range so maybe you can find something there.
  5. Maybe a bandeax...
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  6. Mini pochette. Just under the budget at £195
  7. Second the mini pochette! She can use as a little clutch, or as a pouch in another bag.
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  8. Fragrance travel sets? £185

    Maybe ask the SA if they can give you a sample of the fragrance purchases so your friend can try it out before opening the new one :smile:
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  9. Unless you know for sure that your friend is dying to get something from Louis Vuitton, you should consider buying the gift somewhere else. You can barely get anything substantial at LV for that price, but £200 would go a long way at a different store.

    If Vuitton is the destination because your friend is a recent fan, then I would probably get a gift card. It doesn’t sound from your post that she has revealed which item would make her happy.
  10. Thanks for all the great suggestions guys. Yes she has recently been bitten by the LV bug and talks about the brand all the time. She wants a bag but I really can't afford that. I think either of those items would make her jump for joy to be honest! So thanks for the ideas. A gift card probably would be sensible but I would love to be the one to get her her first little piece.
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  11. I will say I adore my 6 Key Holder, it is so fantastic (and the Mono/Fuschia is a great combo!), but since that is out I would agree with a Mini Pochette!
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  12. My best LV purchase of all time has to be the Cles! I bought it for $190+ 4 years ago and have been using it every single day til this day, and it still looks excellent! It's a very practical piece that have replaced my wallet most of the time.
  13. I can also suggest key cles or mini pochette or even a round coin purse . She will love them.
  14. Seeing how she is indeed into LV I do also suggest a gift card - this way she can put it towards what she would like.
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  15. Notebook!