LV unboxing before the price increase!

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  1. Wanted to pick up this baby before any price increases here in the US. I got this on a recent shopping adventure that I had around the Minneapolis area.

    If interested, I have the unboxing on my youtube channel. Link to channel is in my signature. Thanks for letting me share!


  2. Congrats! Love this piece! Couldn't find the link to your channel?
  3. Thanks for the comment! There is a rumor that this piece might be getting discontinued so I wanted to snag it up before it disappeared!

    The channel link is in my signature below my post towards the very bottom of my post. Or just search for docluxury on youtube.

    link to video
  4. The cles? Really? I wonder why they'd discontinue it. Maybe because of the low price point?
  5. not the cles in general...but the cles in this particular ebene canvas. Maybe this print isn't as popular as the other ones?! who knows. I personally like this print the best!

  6. Hey, I was actually talking to Client Services last night, and they work very closely with corporate. They said the DE bags are actually becoming a best seller and the print has been around for AGES! Did a SA tell you they were fading it out?

    I have the same Cles, got it to use in my Speedy and I LOVE it! You will, too!

    When is the price increase?!
  7. Congrats! Great functional piece. I have two. The photo quality on your pics is great too. I have not heard anything about a price increase in the US nor the DE cles being discontinued. Either thing would shock me.
  8. Congrats but no price increase and the key pouch is not going any where.
  9. I think someone else posted recently that they weren't able to find the DE cles on the canadian LV website and thought it might be a sign that it was going to be discontinued?! so it's just a rumor at this point.

    Not sure when the price increase will be but people in the 'Price increase !!!!!!' thread are thinking it will be soon since other countries have already been through it.

    My SA said they have no idea when the price increase will happen and they only find out a couple days before it happens to be ready to change tags in the store...but I should ask him to text me once he finds out.
  10. I noticed that you have to cycle through the different material options on the site to see de. I doubt they'd discontinue the cles as it is a very accessible piece and good introduction to the brand. As for the price increase, we all know it's coming. I already bought my bag for the year just to avoid the increase.
  11. Very cute piece! I was the one that posted about not being able to find the DE Cles on th Canadian website but it turns out I had to scroll through the DE only to find it. Even now, if I choose the mono or Azur and click show other options the DE one is off on its own which is odd.
  12. glad you found it :smile: and I'm glad I found it as well :biggrin: hehe.
  13. ^this
  14. Congrats! I keep thinking I should add this in DE. The more I see it, the more I love it. I have mono and DA and the cles is my LV used the hardest!
  15. I've used mine so much that this is my second one in DE...and I have all the other versions as well! including the DG, which is a little different. LOVE these cles!