LV Umbrellas

  1. Does anyone who owns one actually use it? Just wondering...
  2. If it was a small umbrella I would but I don't like one's with really long handles
  3. LMAO i saw this and started singing "Under my umberella ella ella eh eh eh...." haha but I want one, and I would use it. I'm thinking of getting it one of these days.

    P.S anyone else find it funny that Rihanna is coming out with her own line of umbrella's !?

  4. That was going round my head too! so sick of that song
  5. I would love to own one.
  6. They don't make small sizes, just the large golf-sized one. Not really practical for me, I like to fit it into my handbag...
  7. i think they are cute, but I can't get myself to spend that much on an umbrella.
  8. I have a Cerise one...and nope, never used it! I consider it more of a collector's piece anyways.
  9. I love the cerises umbrella(ella ella:p) I think it would be they only thing that would make rain appealing.
  10. Saw the mini lin one today in real life. Too pricey but very LVoely!!!!
  11. If I even win the lottery, I'd love to have the CB umbrella. It's so pretty.
  12. As I was looking through the look book, my 9 year-old commented, 'That sure is a lot of money for an umbrella!" ITA, it's a little steep!
  13. I have one from the 80's. before I was living in northern Europe I used it a lot but now I live in a place where it rains maybe once or twice a year so no use for it anymore. I have it in a beautiful umbrella stand by the entrance to my house (inside) and it looks amazing! So now it's basically a decoration.
    umbrealla1.jpg umbrella.jpg
  14. I like the CB one but I couldn't get myself to spend that much money on an umbrella in a place where it barely ever rains.
    I have a Juicy Couture and a Coach umbrella that work just fine for me.
  15. My neighbor has one, I've never seen her use it though.