LV umbrellas - Who got one? Who USES one?

  1. The weather here has been terrible lately :yucky: Very cold and very wet ....

    When I went to LV Düsseldorf a couple of days a go (to lust over the Obsession square sunnies :drool: ) and saw a lady outside with a cerises umbrella. I almost fainted at how pretty it was. :love:

    Does anyone of you ladies and gents on here own a LV umbrella and if yes, do you really use it?

    I'm contemplating whether it might be worth to try and hunt down a (cerises) umbrella, but what's the use in getting one if you had to be afraid to wear it in the rain. KWIM :shrugs:

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. I hate rain maybe i should get one...
    altough chanel makes better umbrelas than vuitton...
    and im sry but i find the umbrellas with carttons a bit tacky like the cherry blosom one :hrmm: ...
  3. 500.00 for one.. not for me:sad:
  4. do you know what the retail for the cerises one was? the only one I could find on eBay way like $ 1400 :crybaby:

    but a girl can dream :shame:
  5. :p lol, my SO probably wouldn't be caught dead under a cerises umbrella as well (he's already moaning about my leopard one), but I really have a thing about fun, colorful, loud umbrellas :shame:

    Hmm, never given a thought about chanel ones. I'll check them out :yes:
  6. Kitty- I'm sorry I sure don't..
  7. Kitty my LV had one of the Cerises umbrellas left in stock this past summer,if I remember correctly it retailed for $525.00 .I considered buying that one myself,it was cute.I stopped in a week later and it was gone so someone thought it was worth the money.
    I've seen that e-Bay auction you meantioned,limited or not that's way too much money for an umbrella.
  8. burberry makes some cute ones too..they're around 100-200ish, i think $525 is a lot for an umbrella..what if the first day you use it you're caught in a windy storm and it turns inside out? i know that I'd be upset about it
  9. I think they're reinforced on the inside so... such embarassing moments would probably not occur lol.
  10. i want an ceries umbrella...500 or more is alot for something you are just going to get wet....i would rather save or buy a bag...
  11. I would love one but thats too much money..
  12. i like pretty umbrellas and all but i'll stick with my $9.99 ones.
  13. I like them..
    But I also think they're way overpriced!

  14. ITA. My best friend's cousin got one...thinks it's the craziest thing she's ever done. If I had to go couture on umbrellas, I'd go Burberry.
  15. I want one too, but for $500, I didn't want to get it wet.