Lv uk website

  1. Does anyone know if i will recieve my goods in an LV box if i order online? i want to buy my mum something for mothers day and hope i will get a box (coz i dont want to have to give her one of mine lol!)
  2. mine has always come with a box, but usually when you place and order, there is a comment box so you can maybe ask for a box on there also, or call in the order!
  3. Ok thanks, ive sent them an email anyway, so ill see what they say :smile:
  4. I often buy LV from website ..and all of bags and purse always come with LV box!
  5. I bought a mono Speedy 30 from the UK site and it came in a box. Really fast delivery too - two days.
  6. Thanks for all the replys, they emailed me back and told me that everything comes in a box :smile:
  7. yer its all very nicely packaged!
  8. you get nice LV stationary to write a little message too. iv got loads but dont want to write on them. they look too cute!
  9. I have never recieved a box when I phone order within Canada.(we cannot use eluxury). The last time I ordered I actually asked for a box because it was for my mother for Christmas and I still didn't get one! I had to wrap it up in the fedex shipping box!
  10. what is the lv uk website can u please the url.
  11. Just go on and click on UK