LV UK costumer service and stores - confused!

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  1. Hi everybody!
    I'm more of a lurker here lately, having been on a self imposed ban for a while.
    Now I want to spoil myself with the new Aquarelle Speedy, assuming I will be hired where I am trialing at the moment (crossing fingers!).
    Back in November, when I got my Tivoli GM and other goodies at the London City store, the sweet SA that helped me gave me a card with her name and number; today I used it to contact her and ask about waiting lists for the Aquarelle.
    To my surprise, the number on the card connected me to the LV costumer service call center! The woman on the phone refused to connect me to the store even tho I had the SA name and surname.
    I checked, and I have two different numbers: one from the SA's card and one from the receipt: both connect to the costumer service only, and they are different from the number listed on the LV website for the costumer service.
    I am by no means a big LV costumer, especially since I only moved to London less than 2 years ago, but when I went to the City boutique the SA told me to call her on that "direct" number should I need anything ( I had told her I needed a new "regular" store ).

    I am confused: how does one get a chance to speak to the SAs without having to go to the stores? And why would the SA tell me to call her directly and give me a number that won't help me?
    I am also confused as to why LV has 3 different numbers that connect to the UK costumer service :confused1:
    Any insight would be much appreciated!

  2. I know, it's very strange! I'm studying in Scotland right now, so I called the UK number to inquire about a waiting list in the UK, and they said the only way to get on one is to go down to the store and put a deposit down!!! They said that you absolutely cannot be put on the list over the phone!

    I don't know about speaking to particular SA's, but I'm very confused!
  3. ^ Glad to know I'm not the only confused one ;)

    Hope somebody from the British LV forum crowd will explain how it works here!
  4. Most numbers listed on the website will connect you to a main customer service line. They do this to prevent inquiries being directed to sales people who otherwise could be serving actual in-store clients. Usually, if you have the name of the associate, they will connect you to them or send that particular associate an e-mail that you called. Now, this might be a US practice so I cannot vouch for the UK. Hope you can get in touch with her. GoodLVck!
  5. Hello!

    I cant believe they refused to connect you to speak to the associate. I think this is rather rude. I have not had a refusal as yet but I know they always ask for your full name before asking for the reason of calling.

    No offense but do you guys think they check your name on the database and see if you are a regular before serving you on the phone or something? I hope this is not the case or else this is ultra rude and snobby.
  6. I deal with three different LV stores in different cities, and I have reg. SA's in all stores!

    I have never had trouble being directed to my SA, unless they are helping someone else, in which case they call me right back, or if it is their day off.

    I am in a diff. country, perhaps that is why!
  7. Here is what I know of the situation:
    1) The numbers on the website almost all go directly to customer service. As mentioned above this is to avoid people who are merely browsing and asking questions to tie up the time of SAs. Also in terms of getting connected to an SA if the customer service line thinks they can handle the request, something such as a waitlist question then they typically will not patch you through to the store, again they want the SAs to be selling to people who are in the store now.
    2) Although the business cards have a local or "direct" number listed on them, this is not really the truth in all instances. Many times it is just another direct line to customer service. However, sometimes the store can choose to forward their calls to customer service if they are busy, so it may be a direct line but the store may be forwarding their calls. This happens quite frequently.
    3) My store has a third line which they only gave to me after I became a regular in the store and this line is an actual direct line into the store, it never goes to customer serivice and I can always speak directly with my SA. However, I only use this number when I really need something as I feel like I should not abuse the privledge, KWIM?

    So all in all, they really want calls to go to customer service as this allows for SAs to be free to sell to the people in the store. However, before I had the actual direct line I found that if you called customer service and asked to speak with your SA and they asked why or hesitated, it helped to say it was to discuss a regular item in the store, not something that is the hot new "it" bag. This way customer service treats your call as a "sale" in their eyes, not just a waitlist question.

    I know this situation sucks and is very frustrating, but I just wanted to share with you all that I know about it. I hope it helps!
  8. ^ Thanks for the help!

    I didn't even get a chance to tell the woman on the phone the reason of my call, she just flat refused to connect me to the SA!:huh:
  9. Wow, I can't believe she flat-out refused without even asking for a reason! How rude-you'd think you were calling Buckingham Palace trying to speak with the Queen! One time I called just to thank my SA for showing me the Tivoli cause I actually ended up getting it after she showed it to me-I got customer service and told them it was just to thank her and they put me through-but she was off that day! Oh well-at least they put me through!
  10. Yep the situation with LV is exactly as irishpandabear described.

    They always just give you the hotline number for your inquiries about products, prices etc.

    My nice SA gave me his HP number for me to call. This makes it easier for me when I have no time to pop by the boutique and I can just call him to waitlist for an item or to check if he is working and I can stop by for a chat. ;)