LV twin pm or dior pink saddle

  1. ok, i've decided that it i'm going to get one of these two bags for myself. which one do you think i should get?
    and why?​
  2. The pink Dior Saddle! It's so girly and fun...and great for summer!:biggrin:
    I'd usually say LV, but personally, I dont care too much for that model.:shame:
  3. i'd go with the lv...just for durability...i'm not a fan of dior's uncoated canvas, it just gets dirty sooo easily and its very hard, if not impossible to clean.
  4. If I had to choose one of those I would say the LV, the canvas on Dior scares me. The twin is $400 right? For $165 more you can get a speedy? Did you think about waiting and getting a bigger bag?
    Or did you need something small? I think the regular Pouchette might hold more then the Twin PM.
  5. I don't think I'd buy a twin new, since you can pick them up much cheaper on eBay. Between a used twin and a new saddle, I'd still probably pick the saddle since the twin is an awkward shape..
  6. I think you should get the saddle! I'm biased though, since I just bought one myself haha I like the shape better than the twin and the color is so cute and fun :smile:
  7. The saddle is cute, but I think the Twin would hold up a lot better. The saddle might start to look grimy after a while. At least the Twin canvas can be wiped down gently if it looks a bit dirty.
  8. If I had to pick, it would be the saddle... I can't say I'm a fan of the twin.
  9. Dior saddle is cute and fun, also girly. Great for summer, i think
  10. I think I will choose the LV, the pink girly is cute but the color is so light ( knowing me I will get it dirty in no time lol) so I will pick the LV also it's timeless you can wear it now and years later.
  11. Dior! I love the saddle shape!
  12. I agree. Have you considered the mono pochette??

    The girly saddle pouch is so cute but it gets dirty really easily and does not come off. I have the girly trotter and used it gently less than 10x and it already showed dirt. When I tried cleaning it with magic eraser, it spread the dirt even more and even shout wipes, which was recommended by others, did not remove it!
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