LV Twice (Twinset) vs Goyard Belvedere - what would you choose?

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LV Twice vs Goyard Belvedere - what would you choose?

  1. Goyard Belvedere

  2. Vuitton Twice

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  1. I want a crossbody bag for weekends. The LV Twice in Denim or Poppy seems like a great option. I also like the Goyard Belvedere, has a more casual, sturdy vibe but is also really expensive for a canvas bag.

    What would you choose?

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  2. Personally, I prefer the look of the Belvedere but in the more neutral colours like black, black/gold, navy or grey. In this case, I like the Twinset better because it's leather and it looks beautiful in poppy.
  3. I have the goyard belvedere pm in black/tan and i love it! I find it very user friendly since I hardly ever close the straps, and when I do there is an open back pocket which is useful. It's one of my favorites for the weekend.
  4. Belvedere- i feel like it's more classic than the twinset. Nicer shape too, and i think it would hold more.
  5. I would choose the twinset only because those buckle straps on the Goyard would drive me nuts. So humbug
  6. Hands down the Belvedere! Gorgeous bag!

    GL deciding
  7. The buckles on the Belvedere would drive me nuts too but it does look like it would hold more. I love the colour of the Twinset and the fact that it's leather, I vote for the Twinset.
  8. I would prefer the Twice in empriente over the Goyard canvas. It looks like the Goyard may carry more, but there's something about the buckles and the pattern. The Twice in empriente in either color you listed (I personally love Poppy more), just overall looks better in my opinion.
  9. I don't like the Twice so I say go for Belvedere.
  10. Not crazy about either. I would like the Goyard if not for the buckles. Crossbody bags are about ease and there is nothing easy about unbuckling your purse to access it!
  11. Definitely the Twice. Love that bag!! I don't care for bags that have buckles to mess with.
  12. The Belvedere is a cute shape...but white/bright stitching on a darker canvas or leather looks totally cheap to me. I wish they would spend $0.75 more and match the thread to the bag.

    My vote is for Twice.
  13. Twice. Buckles would drive me nuts.
  14. Twice for sure. Easier to use and better looking imo
  15. As far as Goyard little bags, I'm in love with the 223. It's beautiful!