LV Trunks

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  1. Is anyone else as obsessed with them as I am? I was up until 1 AM last night looking at them on ebay. It's weird...I love the idea of having an item that has many stories of travels attached to it. I was on another message board where someone posted the story about Jessica Simpson buying one (or two?); they thought she was wasting money. I thought it was such a wise purchase. It can be passed down to her children, grandchildren, etc.
  2. I'm right there with you! i was checking them out on ebay this morning, i love the fact that they have been passed through so many hands and have carried so many people's belongings its makes it even better then a brand new LV in my opinion
  3. IMO, there's just something so romantic about them.
  4. I would love one for our bedroom as a wardrobe. I just love them!!
  5. I love LV trunks too.
    Here's a few more from EBay
    [​IMG] $5000 Buy It Now price

    [​IMG] $4550 is the bid right now on this one.

    I love to see these stacked. Gorgeous!:love:
  6. i saw the one with the blue and yellow stripes when i was looking this morning...but i think i would have liked it much better without the stripes
  7. Some of the strips on the trunks don't bother me if they blend in more with the trunk. I've seen red and yellow, though the stripes were not as think as the ones above.

    I think the LV Birth of Modern Luxury book has something on the writting and painting of the trunks. Ie. why is was done etc.

    I'm looking for the larger ones too. When we go house hunting again I want an LV trunk as a housewarming gift from the hubby. ;)
  8. I love the trunks, but if I was to buy one, I think that I would want one that was brand new, so that it would be a family history heirloom, rather than some other family's heirloom. Iono, JMO.
  9. I particularly like the epi trunks and luggages.. the ad with Tasha Tilberg is just so cute !

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  10. I love the LV trunks. The are classic and beautiful. If I had the money I would buy one in a heart beat!
  11. oh man...if i had big bucks, I'd definitely buy a few trunks!
  12. How I love thee lv.
  13. I LOVE LV trunks!!!